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Minutes 6 Dec 2011

Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia Working Group
Conference Call
December 6, 2012

Autumn Star, Tom Martin, Nadine Hoover, Michael Hanes, Sharon Hoover, Deb Wood, Nick Rozard, Pamela Haines
Regrets from: Jens Braun

No word from: Karen Reixach, Shawna Doran, Gay Howard, Sarah Rozard, Fenna Mandolang, Mary A Hamiliton — hope you are all well and the news below is helpful!
Notified, but Not Joining Calls: Terese Longva (active; timing bad in Norway), Jav Morales (active webster), Jenna Morales (active merchandising), Phoenix Teagarden (active assistant)
Inactive: Lee Norton, Pamela Hawkins, Jamie Carestio — Nadine will contact them to see what participation, if any, they want with this group.

Settle into Worship.

Check ins:
Autumn Star has been at Occupy Wall Street in NYC for over a month. She was gone a bit for Thanksgiving, but is mostly working emergency housing and high energy work at OWS. She’s feeling she can get her work done and is feeling grounded and connected to the people she wants to be in contact with. She will be going home to see family soon and is looking forward to that.

Tom Martin had a pleasant Thanksgiving. He’s looking forward to his granddaughter coming for two weeks next week and to an AVP workshop team at the end of January and a trauma healing workshop around Easter time when Val Liveoak returns. Nadine’s work at South Central Yearly Meeting last April is still producing fruits within the group and the Yearly Meeting is continuing anchor groups that Nadine helped introduce last year. Feeling good about this year.

Sharon Hoover just sent an article on Indonesia to the Camden Meeting and is planning to do a talk on Witness on Dec 18 for Camden Meeting. She is also doing a display, talk and video at Cadbury. Dean’s made some displays racks for the Acehnese bags. Sharon is going to Florida in January and will give some talks to Friends’ Meetings there. Sharon’s brother is not well and she’s spending more time with him.

Mike Hanes hasn’t been doing anything concrete, but it’s been a creative time. He’s shared some creative ideas with Nadine that have gone well. Over Thanksgiving break his mom went to Philly so he packed up and hiked the White Mountains with his dog, where he a realization became clear that many things that seem easy to come by really aren’t actually easy to come by when you’re out in the mountains.

Deb Wood spent Thanksgiving in Maine with her son’s family and no work, but she came home to discover she’d lost her TO DO list, but everything still seems good. Nick Rozard is in Indonesia with beautiful sunlight. Work is going well. He’s learning more about the organizations and the people and the relationship between SHEEP and Friends Peace Teams. They’re thinking on hiring more people in order to get more people involved. A woman from the U.S. is coming to help and a doctoral student from Jogjakarta wants to get involved. He’s making more friends there and enjoying that. But Sarah and he are not doing well, so he’s thinking about going back to the U.S. over Christmas break.

Terese Longva will be working this winter on an art video of her trip to Indonesia. Kristin Buchholz, an art teacher in western NY, has her class making an art book on the incident at Barak Induk last June.

Nadine Hoover is doing well. She seems to be recovering from the four internal infections she’s been fighting this year and is simultaneously working on boosting her immune system. She’s enjoying being home. Her kids are well and that always makes life nice.

Pamela Haines just had a wonderful meeting with Yearly Meeting Friends about big picture economics and how to develop a no-growth economy that was very hopeful.

Deb said how exciting she found Nick’s report of his work was and what good progress he’s making.

Nadine proposed that this group be the Working Group for Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia, no longer including Conscience Studio, although news of Conscience Studio’s work will be shared with the group. Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia needs to become a reliable program of peace and service work in the manner of Friends. We got the fall newsletter out. We did a fall fundraiser in Alfred. Friends concurred with the plan to:

  1. Get a brochure and handbook for the summer trips–Sharon offered to write the handbook with Nadine and Nick giving input and supporting. Nadine and Nick will work with the Indonesians for them to take more responsibility for communication and planning.
  2. Work with the Indonesians on limiting the trips to once a year in the summers.
  3. Ask each community we visit to: a) give us an advance calendar; b) send updates for the conference calls on what’s accomplished, what’s planned, and how peace is being served; c) send in a story every six months of what the work has been and how peace was practiced for our bi-annual newsletters.
  4. Ask everyone involved to complete the Friendship Form.
  5. Get names and addresses of monthly meetings and AVP communities around the world to mail newsletters to plus donors from the past three years with stickers on the mailing by donor group (“Thank you for contributing this year!”; “Thank you for contributing last year!”; “Thank you for contributing in the past. To continue receiving this newsletter, please make a donation again this year.”)

Mike Hanes is helping with communication along with Phoenix Teagarden (who is paid $7.50/hour to work for Nadine). Sharon Hoover feels that Facebook is a good connection with the Indonesians. Mike suggested we change our Facebook information from a “Causes page” to a “Facebook organization page.” Mike will be loading the past news and updates onto the website. We hope to get caught up and make this the work of the paid staff, to free Mike’s time for more creative work.

Filter Work
SHEEP loves the idea of the water filters, but they don’t have the expertise to follow through. Nick talked to the SHEEP Board last week. They were clear that work on the water filters needs to keep going, but they were not clear what their role in it will be. Nick sees it going forward as an independent company with individuals from SHEEP being heavily involved. Nadine asked Nick to let her know how much time Nick needs from Nadine on this next trip, with whom doing what and to schedule what is needed.

AVP/Asia-West Pasific
Friends concurred that it’s a good idea to connect with AVP/Asia-West Pacific and Friends World Committee for Consultation-Asia/West Pacific to see if anyone in those groups would like to be part of the organizing and leadership of Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia and potential expand that to Friends Peace Teams to Asia/West Pacific.

Nadine met with AVP-Asia/West Pacific at the AVP International Gathering in Guatemala. Katherine Smith organized an elist for AVP-AWP a few years ago. Nadine has been communicating with people doing AVP in north and southeast Asia all the way into the Middle East, especially as questions arise about doing AVP in Islamic settings. Deb wondered if people did AVP workshops in other Asian countries, how follow-up to the visits would happen to make programs viable. Nadine explained that there are small handfuls of people in various countries that are keeping AVP alive, but would be very encouraged to have others join them on occasion.

Nadine is flying through Korea and Singapore on this trip and could have easily planned three to five days to do a workshop on the way. If others in the region got involved, they might organize trips to other countries as well, and include Indonesia as they traveled through. Tom asked if we extended to other countries, would we then be thinner in the Indonesia work. Nadine might do one or two workshops coming or going on a trip, but to do very much would require others to travel also, so it might actually increase attention to Indonesia. Nadine has been invited to Australia this January and will be talking to people there about these possibilities.

Conscience Studio
Conscience Studio is hoping to have an installation ready by July 1, 2012 on the ecology of peace and discernment that would be fairly large that would include sales of several art books, Terese’s art video and merchandise designed by Mike Hanes and Michael Stevenson and that would kick off a new website, workshops and counseling opportunities for people. Nadine is offering a workshop at Friends General Conference the first week of July 2012 at Rhode Island University, which might be a place to launch the installation (but Nadine has not asked about that yet, she will soon). At Mike’s suggestion, Nadine proposed the idea to and was approved to put a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, which is very exciting. Courageous Gifts is Conscience Studio’s storefront, so things will be available there. Nadine will keep this group informed about developments and opportunities with Conscience Studio.

What we wish to carry with us and share with people over the next month is…
Autumn, a sense of being connected
Mike, feeling of expanding and letting go–when one thing goes out and another thing comes in
Tom, please plan to come to Friends Peace Teams Face-to-Face Meeting in Austin, Texas on 17-20 May 2012
Sharon, slow down just a bit and get life in order, then go to do more on Facebook with Indonesian women she knows
Nick, take the exciting news that we pressed the first example of the water filters today–CONGRATULATIONS!
Deb, carry a feeling of groundless along with the connection
Pamela, set up a little event last Sunday at meeting with Conscience Studio book and video and it was so easy to do that and talk about this work
Nadine “halo” and “da-da” in Indonesian means “hello” and “bye-bye”
Deb, to one who is going away, say “selamat jalan” (peaceful journey) and to one who is staying, say “selamat tinggal” (peaceful staying).

P.S. Nadine spoke with Nick after the conference call and encouraged him to set a good example for the Indonesians by investing 1-4 hours each morning on developing his own company to carry on the work we have begun. Nick has already set up Triton Ceramics in the U.S. To ensure for SHEEP, Nick himself and the field that Nick comes out of this year strong, he should produce a blog or website, a professional C.V., business card, statement of knowledge available, statement of services and rates available; Criteria for Filter Projects; Annotated List of Filter Projects by Criteria; Annotated Literature Review; Research Agenda; Published Research and a Funding and Communications Plan. This will add order and ballast to the project and give Nick something clear to leave with and give the Indonesians a good model.

Next Call is Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 8:30pm time in NY.