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Apology 21 July 2008

Dear Companions,

I woke up and sat straight up in bed at 3:30am sick to my stomach…
I stood you up on the conference call!

I am so sorry my actions did not reflect my deep respect and
gratitude I feel for your time and commitment. I talked about the
call all day to Sarah and my family and was really looking forward to
it, but when 9pm rolled around I had drifted to another universe. I
was just visiting with my mom and dad and sister and nieces and
nephews. Mom, dad. Lucas, Luna and Aby are leaving to return to
Delaware in the morning and mom was feeling like she had not gotten
to see me much, so I just relaxed with them.

I ask myself what is the problem that I did not remember on the
appointed hour? Is my commitment lacking or drifting? Is there a
problem with my memory? Or is Sunday evening just not the right time?

I am hoping that Sunday evening is just not the right time. I know
that this has happened to others on Sunday evening. I noticing
that I never had this problem prior to the mono this year. The
doctors say that the mono won’t be out of my system until about October.

Therefore, I would like to beg your forgiveness and ask if we could try another conference call on Tuesday evening this week at 8:00pm July 22. We are engaged in wonderful things, there are decisions that need to be tested and your grounding to the work is really important.

If Friends agree, we may change our schedule for the conference calls to Tuesday evening prior to the FPT conference calls, which are typically every third Tuesday (except when the couple times a year it falls really early in the month and then we postpone them to the fourth Tuesday.)

The schedule would therefore be:
July 22
Aug 19 (the day before I leave for Indonesia)
Sept 16 (the Tues after I get back from Indonesia)
Oct 21
Nov 18 (the Tues after Sarah gets back from Indonesia)
Dec 16
8:00pm NY time at 218-936-7979 code 822975.

Please let me know if this schedule will work for you…. and I hope I can talk with some of you on Tuesday evening. I appreciate your gracious patience and understanding.

Again, my deepest apologies (hopefully I can go back to sleep for a bit now…),