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Update 17 July 2008

Friends Peace Teams
Indonesia Initiative Report
July 2008

1. I will not be going to Nairobi as it would add over $1,500 to my ticket price and that seemed like too much. Ferry also felt that the $2,000 plus it would cost him to go was too much to spend. Since I had only secured $1,500 and it looks like it will cost more like $2,500, we decided that that would not happen this time. After we speak about this, I will contact AVP International to let them know. Sarah will be there to represent the Indonesia Initiative.

2. I am pricing tickets for Pak Pri to go to FWCC meeting in Bhopal in November. 

3. I have been recovering and have not been writing.

4. Our AVP advanced workshop went exceptionally well and we now have an annual calendar for AVP workshops every other month for the coming year!

5. We have covered the tuition of six pre-school teachers to go to college for this year. Reports from both pre-schools have been positive although they really want to “check in.” Bagok needs $1,500 to build a school that has enough room in it to do activities. Jaring Halus needs to clarify the role of its two lead teachers. We are adding a new preschool in East Aceh to our group of friends for whom we have concern. I am looking forward to visiting next month.

6. The water filter project will begin in August following the Indonesian Independence Day celebration of August 17 and running for three weeks. We fabricated the presses and dies and are purchasing a ticket for Reid this week!!! They have had a new break through in using crushed glass bottles as half of the ingredients for the filter which has reduced the requirements for the firing temperature from 1,200C to 600-800C. We are hoping that this will mean that the traditional potters will be able to make the filters. Reid will be teaching them to fire bricks and build a kiln that will fire to an adequate temperature, so this is a great break through for them.

7. Nadine plans to go to Indonesia August 20 through September 14. Nadine plans to focus on the AVP facilitators, doing a T4F AVP workshop; visiting the schools to see how their development is coming along; and initiating trauma recovery activities.

8. Sarah will return to Uganda then go to AVP International gathering in Kenya and volunteer to do AVP there. Then she will go to Indonesia for six or seven weeks to do AVP basic workshops with the facilitators there. Then she will represent the Indonesia Initiative at the FWCC gathering in Bhopal India on her way home.