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Update 12 June 2008

Friends Peace Teams
Indonesia Initiative Report
June 2008

1. Nadine found “The Gathered Meeting” and “Friendly Answers” electronically on-line and is translating them into Indonesian. It is much easier to translate from an electronic copy.

2. Nadine is working on writing “Practicing Spiritual Community,” a retreat she’s been doing since 1986 and conducted recently at Syracuse Monthly Meeting with Friends from western New York, five of whom asked if she could do a training of trainers, so instead she hopes to document the retreat well enough to hopefully publish it. As she gets more written, she hopes to share it. This is very time consuming.

3. Nadine, Sarah and Nick Dosch did an AVP basic workshop this month and plan to do an advanced AVP workshop in June in Alfred.

4. Nadine and Tom Martin are fundraising for the seven pre-school teacher scholarships for undergraduate degrees. We need to send these funds very soon, but we need to verify that we have the funds first.

5. We sent six other pre-school teachers to Al-Falah in Jakarta for the first two weeks of May to attend an intensive training in developmental activities for young children. Three were from Jaring Halus, one from Bagok in East Aceh and two from the Forum for the Poorest of the Poor and “Rumah Cerdas,” a pre-school in Langsa. The Forum does non-formal education for children in very poor outlying villages. They were very excited about what they learned and felt they could bring a lot of it home.

6. The water filter project will begin in August following the Indonesian Independence Day celebration of August 17 and running for four weeks. We are fabricating the equipment. Reid Harvey and Brad went to the World Health Organization (WHO) meeting in Ghana the first week of June have have received the first recognition from them. Brad is Bill Carty’s assistant at Alfred University. Together these two engineers have done enough scientific publishing about how the filter works that the WHO is accepting the filter. So this is good news.

7. Nadine plans to go to Indonesia in mid August. Nadine plans to focus on the AVP facilitators, doing advanced and T4F AVP workshops; visiting the schools to see how their development is coming along; and initiating trauma recovery activities. Nadine will return via the AVP International Gathering in Kenya with Ferry. We plan to also volunteer to do AVP workshops in Kenya. We had asked about attending a HROC workshop that we could go anywhere, but Dave does not think that can be arranged, so we may go up to visit Sarah in N Uganda at the UNIFAT school for a few days instead.

8. Sarah spent 3 ½ months in Rwanda and Uganda. She is currently at the Super T at Training for Change in Philadelphia for the month of June. She will return for six weeks, then to Kenya for the AVP International Gathering and workshops and then to Indonesia for six weeks and then to India to speak about the Indonesian Initiative of Friends Peace Teams at the FWCC Asia West Pacific Gathering. Sarah has gained a great deal of learning from spending so much time with formerly abducted children in N Uganda while receiving excellent clinical feedback from three mentors in the US by email. In Indonesia she will focus on basic AVP workshops and doing the trauma recovery activities with them.