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FWCC-Asia/West Pacific Section

We have welcomed the participation of Nadine Hoover and the Indonesian Friends who accompanied her, in our triennial Asia West Pacific Section of FWCC Gathering held 1-7 April 2011 in Manila.

Nadine led us in some exercises in resolving conflict. She also spoke in a plenary session on her peace initiatives in Indonesia. We were educated and moved by the reconciliation role she is playing in a very complex situation in Aceh. She joined in various discussions, interacted with Young Friends and was always ready to engage with others attending the Gathering in an attempt to develop friendships and share views. She came across as a gentle soul who is deeply committed to practicing her faith in action following the leadings of the Spirit.

We are glad that Nadine spends much of her time serving in Indonesia in our geographical region, and we look forward to further contact with her in the future. As she travels and goes about her peace and reconciliation work, may the Lord guide her. Through her, we send our greetings.

Dilawar Chetsingh, Clerk of FWCC/AWPS 7 April 2011