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Travel Minute 2010- English

Farmington-Scipio Regional Meeting, New York Yearly Meeting
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
9 May 2010
renewal/revision of 10 December 2005 letter

Dearly Beloved Friends,
We send our greetings and hold you in our hearts. We appreciate hearing your news.

We commend our Friend Nadine Hoover to your care. We value her gifts of ministering to villages in the U.S. as well as Indonesia. She has a warm heart, a gentle smile and a laugh you cannot forget.

She carries with her our faith in the Living Spirit to give life, joy, peace, and prosperity through love, integrity and compassionate justice among people who live in simplicity, equality, liberty and non-violence.

We acknowledge that human destructiveness, clearly tragic on a human scale, is miniscule next to the great Life-Giving Power of the Divine. Through conscience every person has an inward knowledge of and compulsion to act in accord with what is right and true. We are delighted to connect with communities of faith and conscience around the world. We are grateful for all the letters, donations and invitations to visit sent to Friends Peace Teams, 1001 Park Ave., St. Louis, MO 63104 for this Quaker service and witness.

In faith and love,

Suzanne Blackburn, Clerk of Alfred Friends Meeting,
PO Box 773, Alfred, NY 14802 website:

Ruthann Bradley, Clerk of Farmington Scipio Regional Meeting
3617 Keesee Rd., Moravia NY 13118 315-497-2254

Heather Cook, Clerk of New York Yearly Meeting
15 Rutherford Place, New York, NY website: