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Letter to FPT Indonesia Supporters Seunaddon, North Aceh

March 15, 2006

To: Our Friends in the Struggle

At: Your Place

Warm Greetings to Our Beloved Friends in the Struggle,

The letter from our Friends there dated 10 December 2005 was delivered by Ms. Nadine. We are very grateful for the letter you sent. We in Aceh at this time, praise be go God, are in a situation that is much better and are always in God’s Almighty care, especially after the peace agreement. our area here, which was isolated by armed conflict, is now very conducive. Of course this is also the results of much prayer, hard work, and support from the people of the world who love peace, which is also our hope for the all the people in solidarity that we may all struggle and create the hopes of our hearts together, yes that is a world full of peace and love.

Through this letter we also wish to convey our gratitude to the people who believed in Ms. Nadine to assist us. For us she is an amazing gift and is greatly awaited throughout our country. Our Friends have entrusted her to bring fresh life to our villagers and hopefully peace will follow around the world creating a world full of peace and love. We hope that at least through her presence here in solidarity with our colleagues there we can share our stories and learn together.  In spite of our many constraints, we are prepared to support whatever she needs in order to open the hearts of the people towards a life of peace, welfare, and democracy without violence. Although we are divided by a great distance and difference in time, but we will never forget what has been done here. As the saying goes, although our eyes are far apart our hearts are close, even more so with the source of her inspiration for us all.

In addition, through this letter we also wish to send a message to our colleagues in solidarity there. Although this is slightly off the topic which we usually discuss, it isn’t a mistake to deliver our message to you, which is: How can you, our colleagues, influence United Nations policy so that institution does not just become a tool of the strong, developed nations to control the smaller, third-world nations. We have a hope that the UN could reduce the weapons moved between countries from the North to the South, which needs to be achieved to create peace and give birth to a world with a new commitment to being more just and humane.

For this opportunity , we also say thank you for the trust that we have with our Friends who sent Ms. Nadine to our care, and once again we thank you for everything. Because of this with an open heart we have received her among us and we also trust that she will do what is right for our people.

In Peace, Zainuddin M. Zaini