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Seunaddon, North Aceh

To: Our Friends in the Struggle

At: Your Place

Warm Greetings to Our Beloved Friends in the Struggle,

The letter from you dated 28 January 2006 was delivered by Ms. Nadine. We are very grateful for your attention to us. We in Aceh at this time are in good health, which is surely in no small measure because of the prayers from our Friends there, and this is our prayer to you as well that you are always in the care of the Almighty that we may continuously struggle and achieve our dreams.

Based on this letter we understand that our Friend Deborah is held in great esteem and is awaited throughout your area as well, yet Deborah was entrusted to our care and we have not come to know her as yet, so we already feel a great longing for her return since it is people like Deborah who we so wish to get to know. And the trust that you have shown us to entrust her to our care, thank you for everything. Of course this trust is made with an open heart, so we have received her among us and we trust she will do great things for our people—welcome to Indonesia, our sister Deborah    !…  and believe us we truly hope you come again.

Along with this we also send our greetings to the powerful in America and your friends in Europe and ask you to end human rights violations and abuses in third world nations through the pretext of democracy and of the enforcement of human rights which in themselves become the opposite and is the challenge we all face in creating a peaceful world without violence.

That is all for now. Thank you for all your attention and cooperation with hopes that the Almighty will tend and keep you all… amen.

In Peace,

Zainuddin M. Zaini