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Pidie, Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam

February 15, 2006

Dearly Beloved Friends,

We are very joyful and glad for all the attention of friends and volunteers from your groups in the United States towards the suffering of the people of Aceh. Volunteers visit and bring humanitarian assistance with such sincerity for us who are in such need.

Assistance brought by volunteers, spiritually as well as materially, is of very great value to us. For this assistance, we the people of Aceh say thank you very much. The people of Aceh are suffering such deep traumas from destruction caused by the weapons complex for nearly 30 years and now 26 December 2004 the earthquake and tsunami waves that were so very massive.

This is the condition of our people now to whom our volunteer Friends in the United States have, out of the goodness of your hearts, sent Ms. Nadine Hoover and her companion (Ms. Debi Wood) to visit with our local Acehnese communities in general and specifically to my home personally: AHMAD MANYAK, S.Pd. and family in the simple home at the address of: Sp. Mesjid, Trienggadeng, Jalan Banda-Medan Km. 152.

Ms. Nadine and companion from the USA have made the people of the villages of Aceh very joyful and glad, friendlier, and sympathetic in smiles and laughter that will never be forgotten, which has built a friendship between us and Ms. Nadine C. We feel as one family and one relation with Ms. Nadine C. after her good guidance for us.  We greatly hope that the guidance that has begun will continue into the future.

That is all for now from the people of Aceh, thank you.

On behalf of the Villagers of Trienggadeng, District of Pidie, Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam,

Ahmad Manyak, S.Pd.

Agt. Supervisor NGO-PDA