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Village of Jaring Halus, North Sumatra

February 14th 2006-Al Munawwarah Preschool

Al Qur’an Kindergarten

Al Munawwarah Preschool

Village of Jaring Halus, County of Secanggang, District of Langkat

Jl. Benteng aru Desa Jaring Halus, Kec. Secanggang, Kab. Langkat

HP 0813 702 11020

Jaring Halus 14 February 2006

Greetings to Our Beloved Nadine,

After I met and became friends with Nadine, so may things have happened, so many new things to see and hear, which have opened my eyes and the door to my heart. Nadine, I thank you so very much for all your kind attention and assistance to our village, especially the education of our young children in the Al Munawwarah Preschool who we are developing. As a teacher in the school, my eyes and heart have been opened. Before, the young children of our village would break your heart, when every day the children just ran as a group with no direction. But now that we have the preschool, the young children can study and learn. Before, I was also one of the mothers who was teaching my children myself, but since I have been teaching at the preschool, I have learned that there is so very much we can be teaching our young children and it is not as easy as I imagined. After Nadine sent me to Al-Falah Preschool (in Jakarta) I gained so much new knowledge and experience. From that experience, I know much more about how to really help our young children. Day-to-day I feel increasingly close to them and learn to love them more and more. Their development increasingly unfolds. So many ideas come out of their thinking, especially when they are playing with the blocks or writing or drawing or so forth. I understand for the first time what they mean when they say that young children learn through playing.

Thank you, Nadine, I will never forget your concern for us here and I will continue to learn and struggle for the development and education of our village. Actually there are so many more things and experiences I have gotten that I wish I could tell you about. But time and distance has set us apart.

Thank you Nadine


Nur Aida

February 14th 2006-Al Munawwarah Preschool

Our Dearly Beloved Nadine,

We pray that you are in good health always. We pray for you always wherever you are. We miss you very much when you are away; we miss your smile and the enthusiasm with which you struggle. We want to meet with Nadine all the time because there is no end to the things we could discuss and ask about. We always await your visits with great hope. Nadine, thank you for all your assistance. We love to hear the stories from Ms. Wismi about the great sincerity of your assistance to us all. Thank you for all the many things that you have done to make this possible for the villagers of Jaring Halus.

If there were more people like you, maybe the people of Indonesia would be smart because Nadine is a leader for the people’s movement in the area of education. Nadine, we cannot give you anything except the development of our children. The development of our preschool children has come a long, long ways. They know the shapes, colors and sizes. There is even a child who is doing inventive spelling and has found the consonants in words.

With this letter, we are enclosing some of the products of our children for you to keep. We hope that the direction and guidance of Nadine for our preschool here will continue As for our program for the Al-Munawwarah Preschool, we have discussed with Ms. Wismi and about our becoming a local teacher training site for preschool teachers in our District of Langkat. This is still in the proposal stage. We will need your support as we move forward.

This is all for now from us who always miss you, Nadine. Please send our fond regards to all your Friends in America and to Ibu Wismi in Jakarta.

From the teachers of Al-Munawarah in the Village of Jaring Halus,


February 13, 2006

To: Ms. Nadine

At: Her Place

Dear Family and Friends,

With this letter, we would like to say thank you. We are so appreciative and grateful that we will never forget Ms. NADIN and the foundation for all your assistance in the form of fishing equipment that we have received. And with this assistance, we were able to overcome our economic trials that we were experiencing before.

Through this letter, we are expressing how much we miss Ms. Nadine when she is not here and hope that her steps are lightened so that she may often come to Jaring Halus not only to cure our longing to see her, but also because we are still in need of her guidance and recommendations to ensure that our efforts here are a success.

Please do not forget to deliver our greetings to all our friends and relations, the friends of Ms. Nadine, wherever you are. Even though we are different nationalities and religions, yet we all love peace and non-violence!

That is all the greetings and news for now.  We hope that our communication with Ms. Nadine, both verbally and in written form continues well into the future without boundary of time.

Our prayers that God will always care for you.

Thank You,

From me,

Yono, Head of Group II

Jaring Halus

February 12, 2006

To Our Beloved Ms. Nadine,

Ms. Nadine we are now in a daily condition and hope that Ms. Nadine is also well. All that you have given us has been so beneficial to us that we continually feel it deeply, all the assistance you have given to us. We need to tell you that even with all the assistance you have given, we are still the poorest of the poor here and are not able to complete the fishing sets. The results of our catches are still used to fix the nets and try to complete the sets, but we really need you to come to continue to give us recommendations for how to be successful. We always await your visits and miss you when you are not here.

That is all for now, we pray that Ms. Nadine and all our Friends in the US are well.  (Sorry that my writing is so poor.)

In Love and Prayers,

Zul Ham

Head of Group I

Jaring Halus

August 24, 2005

Greetings to Alfred Friends Meeting from us, the pre-school teacher of Al-Munawwarah, Jaring Halus Village who say thank you so much for our help for our children. From the teachers of Al-Munawwarah Village School, Jaring Halus, Secanggung County, Langkat District, 20855 North Sumatra, Indonesia

Ernawati, Nuraida, Maimunah, Imah

August 24, 2005

Our Greetings from Jaring Halus

Have already received your help through YSKD in the form of fishing equipment so our group members are very grateful to you and Nadine.

Neighborhood 5 Group; Head: Edi Siswanto

August 23, 2005

Thank you to our friends in America who have helped us so much and given us assistance in the form of boats and fishing equipment. We are not able to return the kindness of our friends and Ms. Nadine. Before this there has never been anyone who has ever cared for us here as small fishermen. Of course we are very appreciative of those people who would care to help us, because over our lives we have felt great hardship to find our fortunes, let alone after the effects of the earthquake and tsunami. Our catches have been so very small, so again we are so grateful to our friends in America, so please continue to help us here (in Indonesia).

Neighborhood 5, 20855, Jaring Halus, Secanggung County, Langkat District, North Sumatra