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Travel Minute for Nadine Hoover

Alfred Monthly Meeting recognizes that Nadine Hoover has extensive and varied experience within the Religious Society of Friends. She has returned to us from other Quaker communities and has spoken to us about her experiences.  We value her gift for nurturance in our community and appreciate her contribution to the lives of Friends elsewhere.  Our monthly meeting releases Nadine to travel among Friends, visiting meetings and nurturing young Friends, in the Religious Society of Friends. Meetings are invited to call upon Nadine to facilitate, provide insight, or be available in whatever way the Spirit leads.

Dear Friends,

Nadine has returned to Alfred Monthly Meeting from Tallahassee Monthly Meeting, Tallahassee Florida, in Southeastern Yearly Meeting where she was released to follow the guidance of the Light in traveling throughout their yearly meeting.  Nadine has sought clearness from Alfred Friends regarding her traveling ministry.  Her life among Friends has prepared her for this work.  She has labored to put her relationships, finances, and possessions in right order, making her available to do the work of the Spirit. Nadine is gifted in listening and guiding; she has experience facilitating discussions and workshops for meetings, committees, and adult and youth groups with particular needs and interests or who just need a listening ear.

Alfred Meeting has committed to oversee Nadine’s ministry as she travels among Friends Meetings.  Meetings may invite Nadine for a day or for several days to visit with Friends in your area, committees, and/or the whole meeting.  Friends moved to support Nadine in her ministry may organize invitations to visit and hospitality for Nadine and her traveling companion, or send financial contributions for expenses. Individuals or meetings may send inquiries, invitations, or contributions to Alfred Friends Meeting, P.O. Box 773, Alfred NY 14802 (checks payable to Alfred Monthly Meeting).

In loving fellowship,

Donna Tartaglia

Clerk, Alfred Monthly Meeting

Oversight Committee:

Stuart Bartram, Suzanne Blackburn, and Donna Tartaglia