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Travel Minute for Barbara Thomas, Martha Baer & Harriett Nettles 2013

 Annapolis Friends Meeting

351 Dubois Road, Annapolis, MD 21401



Annapolis Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) unites with the leadings of Barbara Thomas, Martha Baer, and Harriett Nettles to participate in a Friends Peace Team delegation to Indonesia in the month of February 2013.

We support their commitment to peace and nonviolence and their desire to build positive friendships with the people of Indonesia.   As faithful members of our community we send our love and support for their travels in Indonesia.

Each of these individuals brings unique and valuable experiences in creating peaceful resolutions to violence and conflict  — both at home and abroad.  We trust that Friends Peace Teams’ partners in Indonesia will benefit from sharing deep listening and insights with them.

We recommend them to your care and hospitality.  Upon their return, we anticipate reports and stories of the experiences of the Friends Peace Team.

Approved and minuted at our Meeting for Worship With a Concern for Business, held First Month 6, 2013.

Sincerely yours,



Elise Albert, Clerk

Annapolis Friends Meeting

Annapolis, Maryland