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Update 13 March 2008

Friends Peace Teams’ Indonesia Initiative
Update March 2008

Since Kathryn is not able to make from London at this time, we moved the time to 9:00 pm New York time on the third Sunday of the month. Then next call will be March 16, 2008. Call 605-475-6230 code: 82 822 86#

1. Ferry and I have been on instant messenger two or three times a week. He understands better the work he can do. He visited the conflict refugees in the mountains of N Sumatra and Pak Pri and his staff in N Sumatra. The conflict refugees came up to Aceh, to the area of Peureulak and together with the Acehnese they ran a VERY successful AVP basic workshop. There were perpetrators and victims of violence. Ferry has written a short report and is writing a longer report and it is so hard for me to find the time to translate. You all got the notice:

We did it!

    The Indonesians did their first full successful Alternatives to Violence workshop on their own without any facilitators from the outside!

Not only that but the team was made up of people from both sides of the conflict in Aceh and they did it in with people from Peureulak, East Aceh, the “heart of the war” who have a very “hard” culture and are very suspicious and hateful of others.

This was the first time we have brought perpetrators and victims to participate together. One of the facilitators told a story about experiencing transforming power on a night he was certain he would be killed. It turned out that the perpetrator was in the workshop! He says it was really powerful and the reflection at the end of the workshop was amazing. 

This brought tears to my eyes and touched me on so many levels. They felt so successful, not just as facilitators and as a team, but in bringing together people who may not have otherwise touched each others’ hearts for generations if ever again. I’m SO grateful that we could be part of this, that we could be part of bringing this about in the world, that we could give back to a people that we so brutally treated as objects in the coup of 1965.

What redemption for us and for them. Thank you to everyone who has so graciously supported our work over the last few years!

In peace,
Nadine Hoover

2. I really need to figure out the translation part. The Indonesian embassy translates for free I think, I just don’t know if I should trust them with our stuff, but they would probably do a more accurate job than I can find elsewhere and they’re free.

3. Ferry’s letter of agreement needs to be rewritten. He was very clear that if the motorcycle did not belong to him that everyone would want to volunteer for Friends Peace Teams and borrow the bike and he could not stop that. I tried ways of talking to people, but I understand his problem. So, I agreed to rewrite the letter of agreement. Since he is repaying the motorcycle, it made sense to pay him 15,000 Rph per hour. That would be about $1.85 – $1.65/hr. depending on the exchange rate. See the letter of agreement below.
4. Sarah reports that her keyboard and flash drive ($250 electronic office) is going very well. We need to give it another month to see if it really works. The instant messaging is working well for Ferry and I. He has high-speed internet for about $45 to install and $25 per month for 50 hours per month plus $.001 per minute after that. So I told him to just do it. I asked him to work up a full budget for the Aceh office and copied this to Tom Martin. Ferry has set up a new email account, and is setting up the high-speed just for fptindonesia so other groups or people are not using it. Pak Pri has not gotten on the instant messenger yet, but says he might next week, which would help a lot. With the clocks “springing forward” we are cutting our time to 8:00-9:30am. I was doing 7:00-9:30am but that was too much for me to keep up anyway. Our time is very productive.
5.Pak Pri says that he has information from the teachers in Jaring Halus and he translated it!!! Yeah! He says he must send it snail mail, I hope it gets here. We’ll see how fast it goes. He also says he’s almost done with getting the Bio-Reserve proposal translated and that they have made some changes for their area. When he gets done I want him to take it up to the conflict refugees for them to review.

6. We need to raise money. The presentation I took to Ft. Lauderdale went well, but is too complex to send to you. We need to discuss presentations that you can do and how to do the fundraising with them. We need to raise money. 1) for Friends Peace Teams so the base is strong—our approach to that is to see how many meetings we can get to put an undesignated donation to Friends Peace Teams in their annual budget and 2) for the work in Indonesia which we can raise by talking to people about that work, put them on the FPT and II mailing lists and ask them to make earmarked donations to the Indonesia Initiative.

7. I have done a very nice tri-fold display for the overall Friends Peace Teams. Your yearly meeting representative to Friend Peace Teams should be bringing that to yearly meeting. What can I get you in addition about the Indonesia Initiative? Can you present a lunch table or an interest group at your monthly meeting, church or yearly meeting about our work? Let’s talk about this.

8. We are still waiting to hear about the scheduling for the ceramic filter training. The rains have shut a lot of the potteries down. It is highly unusual, but they say that the rains have been torrential and the potteries do not have walls, so their work is being disrupted. I think this is global warming, clear climatic changes for them to accommodate to. Reid Harvey is very close to securing a Rotary Club grant to cover a dissemination package, to help people become introduced to this new technology. He’s very excited about this, it will be a good addition to the work when we can schedule his trip, hopefully before July 2008.

9. The Friends Peace Teams Council meeting was great. We worked hard on the basic infrastructure of an annual calendar, directory of the Council, website, communications, PeaceWays and so forth. We heard about the work in Kenya, Burundi and Colombia. They are hoping to bring HROC trainers to Colombia this year to start HROC workshops in Colombia.

10. We are planning to work on trauma healing in Indonesia this summer. Right now I only have Sarah and I going. It will be the first time we are not taking people. If we find people who want to come that is great. If not, that’s fine with me. We have a lot of work to do. There is a man, Michael Swerdloff, who called me to ask about volunteering in Indonesia for a few months. I asked if he’d done AVP. He said no. I invited him for this weekend and he is coming! And bringing soup! We’ll see how that goes.

11. We did an AVP basic workshop in Alfred this past weekend and have another scheduled for May.

12. I am making plans about time allocation, which I should let you know about the phone so you can begin to give me feedback as the months ahead progress.

To do list:

Translate the website
Translate the bio-reserve proposal
Send the Darmo video to you, them and the UN
Ask Jav about technology for a video link for me to watch workshop preps, etc…
Schedule the ceramic filter training
Increase communication with the teachers in Jaring Halus
Increase communication with the refugees in North Sumatra
Schedule AVP workshops with war orphans who Ferry works with.
Schedule AVP workshops with conflict refugees and perpetrators from Peureulak