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Update 17 Feb 2008

Friends Peace Teams’ Indonesia Initiative
Update February 2008

Members of the Indonesia Initiative working group, please remember to call in at 5:00pm New York time on Sunday February 17, 2008.

1. Rather than go to Indonesia and spend the time, money and energy in January, I cleaned the office, which was sorely needed after working 24/7 to establish the Directorate of Early Childhood Education, training senior military, immigration, judges and police on nonviolent, nonpartisan, un-armed body guards, laying in bed for six months sick, working 24/7 again on tsunami relief, building the house—no wonder the office needed cleaning. I also realized that this was the first holiday that our friends in Indonesia won’t be in a war or natural disaster, so they were relieved when I suggested we spend the time with our families!

2. We worked on distance communication. Ferry and I are meeting Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 – 9:00 (am in NY; pm in Aceh) in Instant Messenger. We came to a working agreement (see below) and now have on our list to translate the website, translate the bio-reserve proposal, send the Darmo video to you, them and the UN, ask Jav about technology for a video link for me to watch workshop preps, etc…, continue to try to schedule the ceramic filter training, increase communication with the teachers in Jaring Halus and the refugees in North Sumatra and schedule AVP workshops with war orphans who Ferry works with. His hope is that we can quickly move to bringing civilians in Perlak together with refugees run out of that area. This is one of the hardest, most calloused people in Aceh. The brutality in this area was severe, so we will have to take this one step at a time. Ferry is from Perlak. Please see the letter of agreement below.

3. I dida presentation to Friends from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Palm Beach meetings at their regional gathering on February 3, 2008. Eleven people signed up on our mailing list and several people made donations. We need to do many more of these types of talks, so all of us on this list need to reflect on why this work is important to us and how we can share it. The last PeaceWays introduced the Indonesia Initiative and could be used with a sign up sheet to do nice presentations. Since we met in a park, I was not able to project and printed the pictures and posted them on foam boards. It was interesting and I will try to revise the presentation again before producing something that hopefully you can use.

4. We are still waiting to hear about the scheduling for the ceramic filter training. It is complicated to get the pottery to shut down instruction and production for that length of time and to get the potters from three regions of the country to commit. I hope to hear about a schedule soon. Reid Harvey is exploring a Rotary Club grant to cover a marketing/dissemination package, to help people become introduced to this new technology.

5. I have worked to manage the PeaceWays magazine. Val Liveoak need to step down and turn her attention to Latin America. We need more people who have time to dedicate to Friends Peace Teams. I will keep this up, but I hope it doesn’t delay the Indonesian work too much. I am also trying to spend some time this Spring developing some materials for Friends Peace Teams to use at the yearly meetings—brochure, display for table, pictures to project or show, etc… Please think about your upcoming yearly meeting and what presentations, dialogues, work camp recruitment and fundraising you can do for us. I left out notes from the Dec conference call at the bottom for you to reflect on and decide what you might say in a presentation.

6. We did an AVP training for facilitators in Alfred and have a basic scheduled for March and May.