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Minutes 17 Feb 2008

Indonesia Initiative
Conference call, 2/17/08

Present: Nadine Hoover, Gay Howard, Tom Martin. Regrets from Pamela Haines, Ly Kesse and Kathryn Tomlinson.

In addition to reviewing Nadine’s report, we discussed the following:

Sarah is posting on the travel blog at If you go there, look at the address line at the top of the browser and see the blue icon with the RSS. Click on it and look to the bottom right and see “Actions” and click on the bookmark. This will bookmark the blog on your browser and show you a number beside it of how many new entries have come in that you have not read.

Sarah’s pilot testing of the eight gig flash drive is doing well, but the flash drive only works on computers with USB and many of the ones she has access to do not have USB. But the ones that don’t have USB usually have internet access so she’s updating the web.

Nadine is instant messaging with Ferry three mornings a week, which she is very excited about. When we try for three mornings, we get at least two which is plenty for me. He has gone to Langkat to see the conflict refugees and to visit with the priest, Pak Pri. So we’ll see what he has to say when he returns. Nadine went over a long list of assignments for him to follow up on.

Nadine is trying out Twitter at She signed on as We’ll see if this helps or just takes more time on the computer.

Thank You’s.
Gay is ready to write thank you’s to people who have contributed. Nadine will see if Kathy has been writing thank yous as well. To do both has two schools of thought: 1) the it-can’t-hurt vs. is-it-simple? schools of thought. When Kathy does it, it is more reliable than when volunteers do it. If we were to do it also, it would be nice to not include the tax statement and just make it a personal thank you in which Gay can share some of the things that are important to her and ask about the person’s interests and encourage them to write about what’s important to them about the work and any suggestions or questions they have. Nadine will write Kathy to clarify this with her and then email Gay to let her know if Kathy has done the tax letters since November.

Ceramic Filter Training.

No news yet, but hopefully soon. They had a meeting yesterday, but we have not heard the results. Nadine’ll email when she has news. Tom said that the finance committee was very interested and positive about the ceramic filter training.

Letter Agreement with Ferry. Friends approved the letter of agreement and understand the responsibility for us to do the fundraising necessary for this move.

Fundraising. Nadine shared the idea she is proposing to FPT Council that we personally approach meetings to request meetings put un-earmarked FPT contributions in their budgets. Nadine read parts of the draft letter she is proposing. Tom suggested that FPT needs the short version of the story of “how FPT began” probably in someone’s kitchen. Nadine will try to find that out and maybe add it to the letter after the intro paragraph. The spiritual companions are encouraged to approach your own meeting, neighboring meetings, meetings in your yearly meeting and your yearly meeting to request this. It might be best to wait for the letter we are drafting though—that might help. We should see if the Council likes this approach or not first also. They meet on Tuesday night at 9:15. If FPT can stabilize the donations to the core adminstration through this manner, then the working groups can focus on field activities for all the fundraising, which will be clearer.

Simple presentation materials. Nadine produced some simple presentation materials for the Ft. Lauderdale presentation, but feels they need to be simpler yet. Tom reminded us that Vicki Cooley said, “Don’t tell them all, just give them a little and get their interest.” She’s still ministering to us today!