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New Generation of Barak Induk Team

The Shining Future

New Generation of Barak Induk Team

Nadine Hoover

06 February 2014


Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific supported the adults of Barak Induk and then invested much time attention in an AVP-based preschool. In our midst, however, the children were growing up. Teenagers, who were toddlers in the war and exodus, are exploding. Afraid of themselves and feared by others, they are dropping out of school and looking to become laborers. They don’t understand what is happening with all that rage inside and they don’t know what to do about it.


I offered to give Edo, a sixteen year old high school drop out, three to four days with him and his friends if he wanted it. “You’d do that for me?” he asked. “Of course,” I replied. He accepted. So we conducted a three-day Alternatives to Violence Project Basic Workshop for a group of teens in Barak Induk. It was fabulous! They absorbed it so fast, like the water they were thirsting for.


After the workshop they didn’t want to stop. They met every night to apprentice to be facilitators and practice how to do activities and work as a team.


One of them came in one night. She said. “The primary school students were beside themselves with stress. Their school is filthy and crowded. The 3Rs are drilled incessantly and they have “exams” coming up, and they are so small! Why do they need to have “exams”! We have to do something!”


So, after meeting every weeknight that week, on Friday after school six of them took three hours and ran games for forty primary school students. It was 100 degrees and no one wanted to stop. But they were concerned about the little ones, so they stopped to do sharing in pairs a couple times and took a long break once. On the break, the kids huddled around in the shade listening to them talk about transforming power, the powers we have inside ourselves to do good, and the cooperative agreements we need to make it work. They talked about empathy and cooperation.


As they went back to their games, the kids used most of the new vocabulary they had just heard over and over again like it was new candy.


The team has now called itself the New Generation of Barak Induk Team and they are scheduled to do three hours of games and AVP activities with the primary school children the second and forth Sunday of each month.