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2015 FPT-AWP activities

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• 23 February – 3 March: Exploratory Trip with Nadine Hoover, Cho-Nyon and Jong Hee, South Korea

• 25-28 February 2015: Trauma Healing Workshop in Daejon, South Korea.

• 3 March – 30 April: Travel with John Michaelis and Subhash Kattel, Nepal.

• 4-31 March 2015: Travel with Nadine Hoover, Nanik and Petrus in Java.

• 15-22 March 2015: Join an International Workshop on AVP, Trauma Healing and Developmental Play in Java, Indonesia. 

• 1-21 April 2015: Travel with Nadine Hoover, Mislan, Fauziah and Dahlan in Sumatra, Indonesia.

• 21-28 April 2015: Join a Discernment Workshop in Daejon, South Korea.

• 16 May 2015: Friends Peace Teams’ PeaceQuest, Richmond IN, USA

• 14 May – 7 June 2015: Travel with Joe DiGarbo and Mariam Abu Turki in Palestine/Israel.

• 27 May – 19 July 2015: Join Valerie Joy, Ludwig bon Quirog in and Kins Aparece, Philippines.

• 29 December 2015 – 25 January 2016: Nadine Hoover with Nanik and Petrus at Peace Place and neighboring communities around Pati, Central Java; Ida and Mislan in Barak Induk, North Sumatra; and with friends in Aceh, Indonesia


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