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2014 February • Indonesia Peace Team Travel Log

Dear Friends,

Friends Peace Teams returned to Indonesia mid-January to mid-February 2014. Nadine Hoover did this trip alone, which gave us time to catch up, assess where we’re at and make plans. Facilitation of workshops was shared with a strong Indonesian team and we were able to run four in all. Highlights of the trip were:

We look forward to the traveling Friends Peace Team, March 26 – April 23, which currently includes Vidya Sutton and Judy Simpson (Australia), Jay Starr (MI, USA) studying in Jogjakarta, Dwight Burton (USA) living in Jakarta, Amy Rakusin and Phil Fratesi (MD, USA) and Nadine Hoover (NY, USA).

Please let Nadine know ASAP if you’d like to join! Write to We will be doing an AVP basic in a traditional Javanese village outside of Jogjakarta and a teen workshop in Jogjakarta, then travel to Pati for a trauma healing workshop, and finally to Sumatra to work on writing a book on Barak Induk: Protectors of the Forest. Nadine Hoover, Coordinator, Friends Peace Teams in Indonesia


Preschool children in Barak Induk, February 2014.