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2013 December • Nepal Peace Team Travel Log

December in Nepal

Participants gather after the Trauma Healing workshop Dec 22, 2013 in Kathmandu.


Friends peace teams returned to Nepal this past December. There were six on the overseas visiting team although not all were able to be there for the full period; Ann Duseau, Bob Barnes, Chris Campbell, John Michaelis Margaret Willen and Mary Amel. The facilitation was shared with a strong Nepali team and we were able to run simultaneous workshops, five in all. Highlights of the trip were:


Visiting facilitators, Margaret Willen, Bob Barnes and Mary Amel, with Annapurna in the background.

The strong relationships that have and are continuing to grow between visiting and Nepalese facilitators are the basis for opportunities to come. I have no doubt that visiting facilitators will return to Nepal and that the bonds between AVP, FPT and Nepal will strengthen. If you choose to visit Nepal on a future trip be prepared for it to change your life, for you will surely begin a love affair with the country and its people.

The next Nepal visit, focussing particularly on developing AVP in Pokhara and on Trauma Healing is preliminarily scheduled for April – May 2014. If you are interested in joining the trip, pencil it in your calendar and email:


John Michaelis