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Friends’ work continues

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific just had a wonderful working group monthly call as Friends are excited about going to Nepal, Israel, Palestine and Gaza next month, all focusing heavily on supporting the development of Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshops.

The Philippines team was so glad to arrive three days after the earthquake and before the typhoon there, so we have been able to stay in personal touch with Friends in both Bohol and Samar, Philippines. While on the call we placed a specific call to Ludwig, a Friend from Bohol, Philippines. Ludwig is currently on a boat with other AVPers rescuing people and while they travel in and out of the area for rescue, they’re practicing their AVP activities!!!

We also heard about Friends around the US, Australia and Europe inspired by the opportunities to meet and get to know one another from a huge diversity of background. Petrus in Central Java raised the blessings of our plurality and the political deceptions going on under that banner, which are so harmful.


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