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2013 Jun – Jul • Indonesia Peace Team Travel Log

From June 5th to July 4th of 2013 Blaze Nowara, Christopher Hughes and Ludwig Bon Quirog traveled to North Sumatra, Aceh and Java

What we have experienced on this visitation is that Friends Peace Teams is in the business of transformation. FPT visitations provide the opportunity to see and witness personal transformational stories. Individuals, families and communities have experienced transforming power through the application of agreed guidelines and activities based upon AVP principals and practices. This transformation has soothed the afflicted, help healed the traumatized, and broken the cycle of violence. We provide a voice that advocates for human environmental rights while promoting honesty and integrity. We create schools that develop confident, creative children through play and engagement rather that drills and punishment. Visitation and sharing of experiences provide a way out of darkness and into the light through experiencing the transforming power accessible to us all.

Jun 5 Travel from Rochester, NY USA

Jun 7 Arrive Medan 2:30pm

8-9 Team Building

9 Pick up the Jkt Contingient

10-14 Peace and Development Trg

15 Discussion

16 Drop off the Jkt Contingient/ to Aceh


16-18 Visiting in Langsa (possible workshop)

18-20 Visiting in East & North Aceh

21 Travel from Medan

One and a half weeks

22 Travel to Peace Place

23 Team Building

24-28 Peace and Development Training

29 Discussion, to Jakarta evening

30… Trauma Healing Workshop

Jul 1-2

Jul 3 Travel from Medan 8:25pm

Jul 4 Arrive in Rochester, NY USA 10:55am