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Community Noticing Improvement in Joglo Preschool Students’ Behavior

By: Nanik

Thank you everyone interested and involved in our work for the encouragement and enthusiasm … we at Peace Place Pati are keeping the spirit.

We now have Internet at Peace Place that works smoothly. Having internet is very helpful.

Here are photos of the kids at the Joglo preschool having fun. There are two children with special needs named Yufa and Afif. I did not know what autism was before I met them. I searched on the Internet to find out about it. After browsing one website on Autistic children’s interests, I learned about engaging the children using music and painting. Today they sang with me accompanied by a guitar, and painted scenarios at the center. Before Yufa and Afif’s only interests were playing with water and cars. Singing accompanied by guitar added to the enjoyment of the children. They love to sing.

Starting this week, the children divided into 2 groups. Rabbit group for big kids, and Butterfly group for smaller children. There were two activity areas that we prepared. This allowed for more focus because kids are not scattered everywhere.


I feel there is good progress. Even more exciting, when there is an opportunity to meet the parents, we talk about mentoring children, and the underlying AVP  training that accompanies the children while at Peace Place. Not only teachers but parents are accompany children when they play. They are able to see and feel the progress of their children.



When the parents meet in the neighborhood, they share stories about changes in the children’s behavior. There’s even a mother who came (not a mother of a student) who asked about basic child development as we have undertaken at Peace Place. She saw the childrens’ behavior changing in the neighborhood of the Joglo preschool. Now the mother is willing and eager to participate in the AVP workshop training next month. The parents of students are expected to participate in the early childhood development training; Joglo Basic I. When Nadine is in Indonesia she can join the Children Assistance Training, and the parents can consult directly with Nadine.