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2012 Jan • Indonesia, Joe Dosch

Joe Dosch and Courtney’s Trip to Indonesia Jan 2012

Hi everyone! Here are some pictures and descriptions that Nick’s dad, Joe, put together. Joe visited Nick for a couple weeks, January 10-23. His pictures give you a little feel for the places, people and day-to-day life on one of our trips. Consider joining us yourself someday!!!

Please give the page some time to load. The pictures are beautiful and worth waiting for!

In front of SHEEP offices where Nick works and lives.

Nick in his back yard.

Exotic and delicious local fruit

Ibu Pri cooking.

Ibu Pri cooking in the background. Her beautiful home and living room

Nick and I visited with Pak Petrus's family who live four hours north of Yogyakarta in Pati. We took a "travel" - a minivan operated by a private company with no fixed schedule, but door to door service, coordinated via cell phone Brekfast with Ebu Nanik, Wewet, Teto and Nick. Living room with roof opening and fish/turtle pond.

Tea (sweet), feed corn, soup, fried tempe, fried fish

Ebu Nanik preparing supper.

Ebu Nanik on a motorcycle.

Courtney watching traffic.

Nick and Courtney.

The main Peace Center hall has a roof that was recycled from an older building. Pak Petrus with the archetect.

Nick and I got up early and saw some of the neighborhood starting with the community center, and the farmers market and a little view of the local volcano before the clouds block it. Buildings here are typically very open with nice tile floors, but this one kind of set the standard!

The neighborhood in Pati was very clean and full of lots of families with lots of curious kids.