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Tunas Baru Preschool’s First College Graduate!

Tunas Baru Preschool teacher Legiani (Ani) with student Nikin, Mislan’s granddaughter. Barak Induk, North Sumatra, Indonesia January 2016 Photo by: Fauziah

Legiani graduated with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood development in December 2015! She is dedicated to teaching at Tunas Baru Preschool in Barak Induk as well as planting rubber trees and harvesting latex with her husband. She wrote to Friends Peace Teams to express her gratitude (translated by Nadine Hoover):
Dear Friends Everywhere,

Greeting to all the Friends I miss always.

How are you doing? I hope that we are all well and doing our best, Amen. Here, I want to let you know that I graduated from college! This was possible because of you, your good deeds were received.

Oh ya, I should tell you that I should have walked in graduation this March, but will not be able to because of a small administrative problem from when I was registered. The administration says my file is not complete, which appears to be an obstacle for a number of us, not just me. The problem appears to have been resolved for us to walk in the graduation ceremony in June, as requested by our village head.

Dear Friends, I have enclosed my grades for the duration of my degrees so you can see my areas of study and my level of accomplishment. I hope you are satisfied with my performance as I did the very best I could. I also want to send infinite gratitude to Nadine, who stood by us and believed in us.

I will send a letter again after the graduation ceremony along with pictures.

Thank you friends,
Legiani (Ani)

Summarizing her transcript, which was attached, Ani completed 45 classes, averaging 16 credits per semester in nine semesters. She improved significantly over her time in college. Although she received three D’s in educational theory, evaluation and health in her first two years, in her last semester she received A’s in three of her four classes. Her highest marks were in curriculum, materials and practical applications, with B’s in subjects such as management, mathematics, art and civics. She completed this degree in early childhood development as she taught at Tunas Baru Preschool half-day, harvested latex from rubber trees, raised her oldest son and gave birth to her second son.

Ani came to an AVP workshop in 2007 and completely committed to the practice of nonviolence in her life. When she saw the preschool based on nonviolence, she immediately wanted to learn how to interact with children with kindness and love. The change in her, changed her father, mother, sister, whole family, and eventually her husband and two children. Her father is the leading Imam in the village of over 7,000 people. The changes have had major effects. Ani and her sister both had babies recently and their father said, clearly surprised, “I never knew the babies were learning so much!” Ani laughed.

In Blaze Nowara’s film, Silaturahmi: The Power of Visiting, Ani said, “We were a hard people. If a person came from outside, we were very suspicious. They would immediately be beaten up… but now we are more apt to ask first… “What is it you want here?” We’d speak to people now, we wouldn’t just hit them first.” She’s become a dedicated and powerful Alternatives to Violence Project facilitator and preschool teacher, passing on tremendous faith and love and hope.

Ani brings energy and delight to every day!
Congratulations Ani!

Click here to view the full 30 minute film, Silaturahmi.


Legiani (Ani) sent this photo of herself acting out an Indonesian folk tale during her college practicum. Stabat, North Sumatra, 2015