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2015 FPT-AWP Annual report



FPT-AWP Accomplishments and Ongoing work from November 2014 through October 2015

Download a PDF of the annual report here:

FPT-AWP 2015 Annual Report


Translation of Quaker and AVP Materials
Nanik translated Quaker materials into Indonesian: Advices and Queries, Britain Yearly Meeting, Friends Spiritual Message, Howard Brintion and Interpretation of Quakerism, Rufus Jones. Subhash Kattel translated AVP Manuals into Nepali.

Silaturahmi: The Power of Visiting View at:
The film by Blaze Nowara was released and made available for group showings. Members of Friends Peace Teams AWP are also available for interviews via Skype or in person.

Bhutanese Refugees relocated in the US
FPT-AWP welcomed Elizabeth Walmsley as the Bhutanese-US Coordinator for FPT-AWP to connect Bhutanese with Friends who share a concern for peaceful, healthy communities. We are also seeking donors to help send Jamuna Shrestha from Nepal to work with refugees in the US.

AVP Korea
FPT-AWP and AVP Korea hosted Advanced AVP Workshops on Trauma Healing and Discernment. Nadine Hoover spoke to Hanshin University, the Daejon peace community and Deajeon Friends Meeting. Daejon Meeting was moved by Douglas Steere’s definition of Quakerism: we have experienced the Living Spirit, that speaks to our human condition, and we yield to let the Spirit guide and shape our lives.

Power of Goodness
FPT-AWP committed to seeking stories for The Power of Goodness Global Story Pool. Nadine Hoover attended Peacebuilding-UK’s Power of Goodness Training in Odessa, Ukraine. Nanik translated 90% of The Power of Goodness stories. You can learn more at

Peace Place, Central Java, Indonesia
FPT-AWP held the third annual International Training for Peace with a focus on trauma healing and developmental play with participants from five countries. We are effectively reducing Christian – Muslim prejudice and violence through a teen AVP program with Peace Place and Islamic study centers. Nanik runs Joglo Preschool, To-Be-Smart After-school, parenting education and community workshops all based on AVP. Peace Place welcomes traveling Friends and we initiated a capital campaign to purchase land to secure a proper Friends House.

Barak Induk, Sumatra, Indonesia
The people of Barak Induk were once again under attack by officials trying to drive them off the land they’ve worked for fifteen years. These are the same officials depicted in the film The Act of Killing. FPT-AWP organized a successful writing campaign to Pak Dianto Bachriadi, National Commission on Human Rights, which encouraged officials to enforce their rights to enjoy the fruits of their labor without facing human rights abuses by officials.

Earthquake relief of over US$80,000 went to marginalized communities and vulnerable women, collaborating with National Land Rights Forum, Community Self Reliance Center, Educate the Children Nepal, Child Welfare Nepal and the Women’s Power Development Center. We supported AVP workshops in nonviolence and resiliency for women social workers, parents of mentally disabled children and public school teachers, and supported the nonviolent land movement in Nepal.

FPT-AWP completed much of the AVP Basic Manual translation into a local language, Visayas, and continue to support AVP facilitators and workshops in the Philippines.

Water Filters
SHEEP has undertaken oversight of the ceramics and microbiology labs in Yogyakarta and research and development were transferred to Triton Ceramics until such time as tested material is available for distribution.

Israel, West Bank and Gaza
Trauma Resiliency workshops were offered in Ramallah, Bethlehem and Hebron and basic AVP workshops in Bet Shamesh and Gaza in 2015. Going forward, Joe DiGarbo decided to keep his work of AVP workshops under the care of his monthly meeting.
To support this work send donations earmarked to “Middle East AVP” to Joe Moore, 1071 Hunters Path, Lancaster, PA 17601.


Ongoing Work Needing Support

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific has committed to the following projects. As a Friends program, together we decide if and how our peace witness thrives in the world. Your actions determine and guide this work:

• Support Visitation – Join a team or donate to peace activities in Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines.
• Support Translation – Invest in translation and interpretation necessary to ensure relationships among volunteers across languages, counteracting English language imperialism.
• Purchase Land – Establish a Friends House in Indonesia and AVP-based educational programs.
• Encourage Peace Place – Attend the International Training in January and fund scholarships.
• Support Bhutanese Refugees – Fund Jamuna Shrestha to visit Bhutanese refugees resettled in the US.
• View Silaturahmi – Show the film, Silaturahmi: The Power of Visiting and organize a discussion group.
• Become a Sustainer – Pledge to raise $500 a year to fund this work on an ongoing basis.


2015 Donations

The largest portion of donations this fiscal year were earmarked for the relief efforts after the devastating April earthquake in Nepal. Undesignated donations came in from Monthly Meetings, Individuals and Sustainers. Sustainers pledge to raise $500 per year, which funds our group’s on-going obligations to support Friends and their hosts who maintain long-term relationships in the region and to share their stories of preserving peace. Other individual donations fund peace activities as they are needed: training, relief, service, right livelihoods and so forth.
Thank you for your contributions!