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Stay at the FPT Guesthouse in Pati, Indonesia

The Friends Guesthouse at 

Peace Place, Pati, Central Java, Indonesia

Welcomes You

The Friends Peace Teams Guesthouse is housed in the room at the upper right of Nanik and Petrus' home, surrounded by an outdoor walkway.

















The Friends Guesthouse at Peace Place, Pati, Central Java welcome’s all visitors. The guesthouse consists of a dedicated room in Nanik and Petrus‘ home which stands in front of the Peace Place Training Center. The Guesthouse consists of a very simple, second-story room with good ventilation and two queen bed mattresses on wooden slats, common to Indonesia.

Advance booking is necessary.

Guests come to participate in the activities of Peace Place:

Volunteers who are willing to teach English and who schedule in advance can draw in significant financial support for Peace Place through such open classes.


Joglo Preschool at Peace Place

Nanik teaching a preschool group.










Guests who would like to visit Peace Place and the area are also welcome. Nanik and Petrus can help hire you a car and driver to visit the sites in the area.

Accommodations typically cost Rp50,000/night and food costs Rp75,000/day (3 meals, snacks, drinks and occasional fruit).

Typical transportation costs:
Car rental Rp300,00/day + gas (in and around Pati is about Rp150,000 for gas).
Motorcycle use approx. Rp25,000 for gas, a motorcycle is available for use at no charge.
Taxi Pati – Semarang Rp400,000 + Rp50,000 for the driver.
Airline ticket – Semarang to Jakarta, Rp900,000 – 1,000,000 on Garuda (it may be cheaper on Lion Air, but Garuda uses the international terminal in Jakarta and for first time visitors Garuda is recommended).
Airline ticket – Semarang to Medan, Rp1,000,000 – 1,800,000 on Lion or Rp1,900,000 on Garuda.
Of course, these are approximate, prices may change.

Directions: Fly into Semarang Airport, approach the single taxi stand outside arrivals door, request a taxi to Pati (currently about Rp400,000 one-way), and give them Petrus and Nanik’s address and phone numbers. The ride from Semarang to Pati takes about 1.5 hours.


View of the guesthouse room.


A room in the Guesthouse.


Entrance to Peace Place






To make arrangements to stay, contact:

Nanik <> +62-(0)857-4002-5972

Petrus <> +62-(0)813-2665-8483


For more information, contact:


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A view of Peace Place in the background of Nanik and Petus' home before the roof was renovated and the railing installed.