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News from Nanik at Peace Place

Dear Friends,

Education flourishes when it’s based on peace and nonviolence, experience and reflection!

Peace Place activities are going well. Taking advantage of the holiday, we are having an Outdoor Event on 1 July 2013 for everyone involved in Peace Place, including the preschool children and parents. We will have about 70 people at the Njollong Coffee Gardens in Pati. We will do AVP activities.
We wish could could all be here with us and hope you are considering coming to visit some day. We appreciate all the visits and exchange of ideas that comes from Friends Peace Teams.
Thank you, Nanik

Joglo Preschool Update from Nanik:
We’re still enthusiastic about the preschool activities. We have regular teacher meetings and are continually learning. We now have 16 children. One student moved to Jakarta with his mother, but his mother and nanny tell many stories about the wonderful changes in him before he left. On 16-24 May 2013 we held parent meetings. We allocated 30 minutes but it actually took almost an hour and a half. We followed this agenda:
• Check in
• Children’s development (parents talked about the changes and development they see in their children, then the teachers talked about the development they see in the children at school).
• Problem solving
• Affirmations
• Closing
The teachers explained, among other things, the way in which we accompany the children at the school. How we give the child room to learn and try things and discover results on their own. Adults should wait patiently, value their results and learn to get beyond our own violence. The parents really liked the meeting and they learned so much about their children. After the meeting, the parents paid more attention to their children. Afterwards, parents would bring their children’s drawings to school and compare them to the developmental stages posted at school.