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News August 3 2013

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

August 3, 2013


Welcome Anne Eggleston as co-treasurer! Tom Martin will continue to represent FPT-AWP financial concerns with the Friends Peace Teams’ Council, Finance Committee and Asia West Pacific Working Group. Anne will only attend meetings as needed. She will keep accounts for all funds outside the St. Louis Office and a Google Doc spreadsheet of account and fund cash balances, liabilities and available cash, so that traveling team and administrative coordinators have current information upon which to make decisions.

Welcome Joe DiGarbo as Alternative to Violence Project workshop team facilitator in Palestine and Israel! Their workshops have been very appreciated there. Joe DiGarbo is interested in joining the Friends Peace Teams Working Group to see how we operate. In a few months, they will consider whether or not to bring their next trip at the turn of the calendar year under our care. If they do so, it would be temporary for them to explore requesting a Middle East Initiative with the Council. But the idea is to get involved and see what it is like and if it is a good match or not.

Announcing Sarah Rozard’s resignation as Communication, Volunteer and Development Coordinator. Sarah did not anticipate what it would be like to spend so much time alone on a computer, which did not work for her. Between my travel schedule and a number of major illnesses, the timing did not work out to give her the support she needed in the position. She applied and was accepted to a Master’s program in counseling beginning next month. We appreciate the effort she made under less than ideal conditions at the early stage of our organization.

Nadine proposes:

1. Revise the position to be a Communication Specialist, which will compliment the support we receive from the Finance Specialist, John Kintree. Ninety percent of the job stays the same, but is a major change in focus and expectation. The new job description is attached for your review and comment. [Job Description attached.]

2. Contract Jenna Morales to design and develop the Communication Specialist position. She and her husband Jav set up and continue to maintain the website ( Jenna developed and produced our brochure. She is very familiar with our work and its development over time. Nadine Hoover will oversee her work. Hopefully she will stay until the position is developed and documented, after which, when she leaves the position, we should be in a position to conduct a formal, more open search for her replacement.

A formal request for the Power of Goodness to come under the care of Friends Peace Teams will be brought forward by Janet Riley next month, September 2013. She has, however, forwarded the Guidelines for Writers and Illustrators [See attached.] She has received 16 copies of the book from Moscow and hopes to have more in the next few months. She has sent a copy to Nadine, with whom she is exploring options for formal, international publishing of the book through Conscience Studio to make it more readily available internationally and to have an ISBN, so the book is eligible for libraries and more schools.

AVP International (+ 2017). Nadine asked Peace Place to considered options. They thought the AVP community might like to gather in Yogyakarta, but since facilitators in that area are very new, it’s not clear if there would be a large and stable enough community by that time. Petrus was very excited about hosting the AVP International gathering, but agreed that our community is still too small.

Peace Team in Indonesia. Dec 31, 2013 – Feb 12, 2014 for six weeks, which would accommodate college faculty and students in the first three weeks. We are working on a workshop schedule.

Writing Residency in Australia (and possible Peace Team visit or gathering). Silver Wattle, the Quaker Retreat Center in southern Australia (where the kangaroos graze and kookaburras sit in Old Gum Trees–it’s truly lovely!), has invited Nadine Hoover to come for a writing retreat for a month or two early 2014, which she is thinking would be about six weeks from Feb 12, 2014 – Mar 26, 2014. Chris Hughes is exploring and discerning the idea of a tentative Peace Team visit with First Nations People and/or a Friends Peace Teams gathering. Others in Australia should consider the possibilities as well.

Peace Team in Indonesia. Mar 26, 2014 – Apr 23, 2014 for four weeks would be a follow-up, writing and documenting trip (not for workshops). Nadine Hoover would then escort Nanik and Ninok back to the U.S. for their speaking and training tour.

Peace Team in the U.S. Nanik (her full name) and Ninok (Tri Hantini Kusuma) will be invited to the U.S. to arrive around Apr 25, 2014 for three months. The first seven weeks they would have a few days to get oriented and recover from jet lag, then attend and speak at the World Forum Conference and with their peace education committee in Puerto Rico, May 5-10, 2014, and finally intern in a preschool and elementary school in New York for six weeks, while facilitating local AVP workshops and speaking at local events. Following this, they would attend the Friends Peace Teams 20th Anniversary Jun 11-15, 2014. John Michaelis and Chris Hughes are organizing a speaking tour in Ireland after the Anniversary, prior to attending AVP International Jun 15, 2014 – July 13, 2014.

Potential Funding: Irish Embassy in Jakarta; Indonesian Embassy in Dublin, Australia YM Peace and Social Justice Fund, Lyman Fund, World Forum Foundation, AVP-NY, AVP-WA, AVP-Victoria… ???? Please apply to your Yearly Meeting, Monthly Meeting and other local groups.

Peace Place completed the railing!!! So the Friends Peace Teams Guest House is finally safe! Peace Place is grateful to Alfred Friends Meeting for the funds to complete the Guest House. Please consider encouraging Friends to come visit and stay awhile.

Peace Place’s after-school program will open the new school year in August 2013 with eight weeks of Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshop sessions before going on to teach content to the students as well as six weeks of AVP training for parents. Peace Place plans to design and carry out project- and workstation-based English language and subject-area learning. Having never experienced active education themselves and without training, this is a bold step for them. The teachers and parents are grateful for the possibility of a study tour to the U.S. next year.

Friends Peace Teams Guest House in Pati, Central Java, Indonesia by Petrus. The Friends Peace Teams’ Guest House supports peace building in the Village of Muktiharjo, District of Pati, Central Java, Indonesia. We built the Guest House to have a  physical location where we can practice nonviolent living and accompaniment of young children. The Guest House is a second-story room, four meters by four meters, that adjoins family home of Petrus and Nanik.

The Guest House offers a place to stay for people from the peace community visiting Peace Place. It was built in June 2011 with natural materials in accord with the contour and topography of the land. Since its founding, Friends Peace Teams’ members who have stayed in the Guest House include:

Although the Guest House formally is only the secondary story room, we make two rooms available, the upstairs room (4 meters by 4 meters) and the downstairs room (3 meters by 3 meters) with two bathrooms, a kitchen and transportation, including one bicycle and one motorcycle. There is also internet shared with the Peace Place Training Center.

The combination of the Peace Place facility, built from a Joglo, a traditional construction of Central Java, and the Guest House facility, built from a blend of modern and Javanese architecture is unusual architecture, attracts much attention, especially with the natural brick work. Most of the wood in the building was recycled from an old home to reduce the amount of new wood felled for construction. The doors and windows were modeled on the Peace Place building that allow maximum air circulation in this tropical climate, which keeps the inside cool. Finally, there is a large Iguana living in the rafters, which has a very loud, unique call typically only found in very old homes. The Iguana is often sought after today for medicine and has begun to be specially cultivated for medicinal purposes.

Screening of “The Act of Killing”, released in the U.S. in July 2013. Barbara Thomas was able to attend the screening of the film in Baltimore and hear the Director speak. Nadine Hoover has invited the Director, Joshua Oppenheimer, to screen the film and speak in Alfred, New York this fall. The website for the film has a good write up of the history of the film and Indonesia. It is a striking view of trauma on screen. Pamela Haines writes, “I knew the bare facts–mass killing, targeting “communists”, US support–but I had no idea how it’s played out into the present.” The cast of characters  in the film are the same ones who shot at, kidnapped and bombed our friends in Barak Induk and became so threatening to Friends Peace Teams. It released in Europe one month after we reported these events to five embassies in Jakarta. This confluence of events may be the reason forest rangers, police and military all say we’re friends now and real peace seems to have come to Barak Induk in North Sumatra.