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News August 1, 2012


Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

August 1, 2012 Update


   1.    Nadine and John recommend splitting the Spiritual Companions and the Working Group into two groups, both will get the monthly detailed report and minutes from the Skype call, but the working group will get the Skype call announcement and working papers. Do Friends approve?

   2.    Nadine and John would like to propose this minute for the FPT Council, “Friends Peace Teams, Asia West Pacific Initiative asks the FPT Council to invite Australia Yearly Meeting to join the FPT Council and name a representative to attend the FPT monthly calls and annual meeting.” Do Friends approve?

   3.    John is looking for a volunteer/s to establish a charitable organization for FPT in Australia. AND Friends Peace Teams is working on setting up PayPal. John will encourage Australian to donate via PayPal before a tax-deductible Australian alternative is established. We need a volunteer for this.

   4.    Valerie Joy provided the FWCC list of contacts for Asia West Pacific. The other FWCC Sections did not respond. If someone wanted to contact the FWCC sections to see if we could get a complete list we could send out a letter (that has already been drafted) to announce the presence of Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific. We need a volunteer for this.

   5.    Jasmine Payget will send an email to AVPers in Australia and Quakers in Australia to ask whether they would like to be on the FPT email lists. These will include:

   •    sign up to receive e-news

   •    offer to travel with a Peace Team or as an individual

   •    donate to the activities and receive a newsletter twice a year

   •    join the working group monthly Skype calls and take on a task

   1.    Rosemary Epps was working on the handbook and was temporarily off to other things, but hopes to work with Nadine to get another boost on the handbook. John listed needs for travelers when he was in Java that he sent to Rosemary to incorporate.

   2.    The email is not yet working clearly, but is on our brochure, so John will work on that.

   3.    When you do a talk on Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific, please remember to have a nice tablecloth, a nice donations box, a sign that says how to make out checks, the FPT-AWP brochure, a sign-up sheet for name and email, and old newsletters. If you don’t have these things, please ask Nadine for them. Thanks!

   4.    News items of what’s gone on in July–WOW!!! there’s so much:

   a)    Nadine presented an interest group at FGC with Nancy Shippen and they facilitated an AVP Basic workshop as an FGC workshop with Carolyn Schodt the first week of July.

   b)    July 10th, we submitted a formal report to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in Paris for Barak Induk, North Sumatra.

   c)    John and Jasmine Payget are working to build an FPT AWP network among Quakers and AVPers in Australia and are sending out emails to guage interest and put together email lists.

   d)    Nick is working on loading the photos to John’s final writings on his trip last month, which should be out very soon.

   e)    Nick is working at Alfred University with Dr. Bill Carty on water filters and Skyping the Jogjakarta lab weekly. John Michaelis and Nick Skype every two weeks to review developments.

   f)    Peace Place Pati opened Joglo Preschool for the new school year and facilitated an AVP Basic for teenagers. Nanik has quit her morning job teaching English in the local elementary schools to free up her time to work full-time at Peace Place: Joglo Preschool in the mornings and To Be SMART English language lessons in the afternoon and adult workshops on some weekends.

   g)    Pak Sun identified a red seed that is abundant around his home and can be packaged to sell through the Peace Place store as a natural material for young children to play with. On 20 July, Peace Place staff went to visit Pak Sun’s preschool in Tondomulyo. They hope to combine this seed with dried field corn and a green or brown natural item to use with young children.

   h)    Peace Place sent two boxes of blocks to Jakarta ordered by Ika, so they are out of blocks. They had one additional order from Semarang, so they ordered 1000 more blocks from Jepara. On July 11, Ninok contacted Petra to request the production cost of the “Box of Blocks” puzzle so that she could set the retail price and complete the packaging to sell this item, designed by Peter Watson of A/NZ. Kamto would like to make puzzles for Peace Place; Ninok will contact him. Mira has made five finger puppets in the shape of animals similar to the examples at Peace Place (elephant, lion, chicken and monkey) and according to Ninok they are good enough to sell at Rp. 7,500 each.

   i)    Nick spoke to the Buffalo Friends Meeting with Sarah and is scheduling some more talks in Rochester, Cleveland and Philadelphia.

   j)    Dahlan opened Al Qadir Preschool in Matang Neuheun, East Aceh for the new school year.

   k)    Nadine, Nick and Sarah are attending New York Yearly Meeting where Nadine will speak to the High School students and set up a display to talk to Friends.

   l)    Ika and Mila at Milik Toys in Jakarta are setting up storefront downtown Jakarta to design, develop, display and sell developmental toys and books. They just secured the location and are ordering easels and  racks for books, blocks and toys.

   m)    Jasmine Payget is organising an FPT presentation for John in the Blue Mountains (near Sydney Australia).

   n)    Shawna Doran is working on making arrangements for Nadine to travel in Florida from December 30, 2012 – January 20, 2013 to speak with Friends Meetings and AVP groups and to conduct the Discernment Workshop.

   o)    Two people have called to inquire about joining Nadine in a Peace Team trip in January 20 – March 3, 2013. Margaret White from NJ, USA who is a counselor and trauma therapist. She wants to join for three weeks. Kat Russell is a young adult in OR, USA. Nadine will travel for three weeks in Java and three weeks in Sumatra.

   p)    John Michaelis is working on possible arrangements for Nadine to go to Australia in March 2013 for three weeks to do the Discernment Workshop at Silver Wattle, a possible Trauma Healing Workshop at Broome Prison that is a primarily Indonesian prison, and to visit meetings in Australia.

   q)    Indonesians are requesting a manual for the Discernment Workshop and Nadine is working on writing it as quickly as possible.

   r)    Nadine is presenting at the Buffalo Friends Meeting August 5, 2012.

   s)    Yuyun achieved about a 400 score of a necessary 550 score on the TOEFL to accept the scholarship to the art school at Alfred University. He has told them that he will continue to study the TOEFL to try to be ready to attend in August 2013.

   t)    The Aceh team is organizing an AVP Basic workshop in Tampor Paloh (Lereng Lauser) and later in Melidi  & Keumuning ( Aceh Timur) in September 2012 and in Kuala Simpang (Aceh Tamiang) in October 2012.

   u)    The Aceh team is also preparing to open Bumoe Ubeut Preschool (this means Bumi Kecil or Small World in Acehnese). They are enrolling children and the teachers will be Risky, Magdalena (Risky’s wife), Fauziah, Tina, Fitri and Bowo. They would appreciate videos on teaching preschool and are planning a visit to Tunas Baru Preschool in Barak Induk to learn from Mislan and the teachers there.

   v)    John is trying to discern a possibility of trip to Kathamandu in 2013. There is a strong need for peace work in the country following the war and the onging violence.

   w)    Nadine is exploring a possible trip to visit AVP facilitators and Quaker meetings in South Korea in January 2014.

1.    7 Juli 2012 koordinasi dengan Pak Sun tentang biji-bijian yang

banyak didapat dirumah P Sun,dan P Sun bersedia untuk membantu

menyediakan biji-bijian tersebut.Besok tgl 20 juli 2012 Ninok dan

teman-teman rencananya mau main ke PAUD P Sun untuk melihat PAUDdi

Tondomulyo dan juga membahas tentang biji-bijian tersebut.Rencana

Ninok akan tambah biji kacang hijau dan biji jagung kemudian dikemas

dalam mangkuk-mangkuk es krim yang kecil.

2.    11 Juli 2012 Ninok mengirim 2 box balok ke Jakarta pesanan Mbak

Ika,dan sekarang kami tidak punya stock balok lagi dan kemarin Ninok

sudah kontak Mas Petra dan pesan 1000 balok untuk stock.Hari ini ada

satu pesanan 1 unit rumah untuk teman diSemarang dan pengiriman

menunggu pesana balok M Petra jadi dulu.

3.    Tentang box of block,tgl 11 Juli 2012 kemarin Ninok sudah kontak

mas Petra dan tanya HPPnya supaya bisa tahu harga jual tapi sampai

sekarang belum dijawab,besok Ninok akan coba tanya lagi.

4.    Mira sudah coba membuat 5 boneka jari dengan bentuk hewan seperti

contoh yang ada di Peace Place (gajah,singa,katak,ayam dan monyet) dan

menurut Ninok buatan Mira layak untuk dijual.Untuk 5 boneka jari

karakter hewan Mira minta harga dasar Rp 7.500,00.

5.    Tentang puzle Ninok sudah menghubungi Kamto dan dia sanggup dan

tertarik untuk membuat puzle hanya sampai hari ini Ninok belum

koordinasi lagi dengan Kamto,rencana minggu depan akan Ninok lakukan.

6.    Ninok sudah coba cari tentang Tempura cake dan crayon dan Ninok

ketemu alamat,id,mungkin Bu  Nadine bisa membukanya jadi

kita bisa diskusi lebih fokue.