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News August 2012

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific August 27, 2012 News 1) John Michaelis has been cleared by a support group of Nancy Shippen (Cambridge, MA), Sally Hertzfeld (Perth, Australia) and Nadine Hoover (Alfred, NY) travel to Nepal on September 8th to work with Subhash and the other handful of Nepalese AVP facilitators to: strengthen their capacity to offer advanced and training for facilitator workshops in Nepal; support them in reaching out to people displaced in the U.N. refugee camp; and to explore approaches to long-term, grassroots, peace work in Nepal. AVP International is funding this trip, but John will continue to seek a Circle of Friends who would like to support connections with peace workers in Nepal through donations and/or visitation. Are Friends easy with supporting a commitment to Subhash and the AVP facilitators in Nepal? 2) Sarah Mandolang has offered to serve as an Administrator for coordinating volunteers, communication and development (fundraising) and organize a Young Adult Peace Team for May-July 2013. She plans to document the work of the position in an Office Handbook so that the position is easily handed over when she is ready to move on. She is also planning to seek a Circle of Friends who would like to support this position. This is a major step in moving this beyond “Nadine’s ministry” to being “a Friends’ program.” Thank you so much in your support to making this happen and please look over the job description and consider the selection of Sarah to serve in this manner. Do Friends approve the job description? Do Friends approve the appointment of Sarah Rozard to this position? 3) Friends Peace Teams is facing a serious financial situation. The “Core Fund” that funds the Financial Specialist (bookkeeper) in St. Louis is -$20,981 overspent. Currently AGLI has $16,788; PLA has $8,955; and AWP has $4,163, so we still have cash, but this is NOT fiscally responsible. This would be a sort of Ponzi scheme if it weren’t for the fact that the overspending is for our initiatives’ bookkeeping, so it’s really just unrealistic planning within initiatives. Therefore I would like to propose that the AWP Working Group pay for our use of the office administrator’s time (presently $15/hr + 20% indirect overhead + prorated portion of benefits). Do Friends approve? John Michaelis, Nadine Hoover and Valerie Joy drafted a letter to be sent to monthly meetings and AVPers in Australia to solicit participation, including a volunteer to help set up a charitable organization status in Australia. PayPal has been established for donations in the meantime. The breaking of the fast of Ramadan was mid-August, which has meant that activities in Indonesia were on hold and the schools on vacation. Activities have resumed now. When can each of us give a talk about our work? What materials do you need to do that well? We all need to “bring the work to life” for others! Can each of us make a commitment to do a talk at least 2-4 times a year?