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News May 2012

What’s Important About Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
May 2012

▪    Meeting people face-to-face, living and working together is a cost-effective, humane way to create peace.
▪    I feel like I’m part of a big family from around the world that I have fallen in love with.
▪    When we share our children and families, we’re no longer strangers.
▪    AVP gives us simple, practical things we can do to make peace.
▪    Seeing AVP work in another culture reminds me AVP is an exciting way of being in the world, not just a series of workshops and tools.
▪    Making water filters along with doing grassroots peace work is such a powerful way to make the world a better place.
▪    Our tools really work to break down the fear of violence and connect people so they can trust one another again.
▪    Our stories are interwoven into one story; I need to get to know others to understand my world.
▪    I want to be connected to people far away as well as close who are working for a nonviolent world in concrete, accessible, practical ways.

How can we focus on doing these things we most value really well?
▪    Being part of a big, loving family from around the world.
▪    Meeting face-to-face, living and working together.
▪    Practicing simple, practical alternatives to violence in daily life.
▪    Breaking down fear and building trust.
▪    Sharing our stories interwoven into one story.
▪    Making water filters.