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News 12 April 2011

Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia
Annual Spring Update

After five years, Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia decided to “water the seeds that were sprouting” and instead of curtailing the work, those sprouts took off! In the past year, we integrated nonviolence training, trauma healing and developmental play for peace to create a new, exciting training. From experience, we recognize early Friends’ “yea is yea and nay is nay” went beyond honesty to describe cultivating their discernment of what to say yes or no to in order to create a spiritually-grounded, peaceful society. In nonviolence training and trauma healing we practice how to face and say no to what is not of the Spirit and in developmental play and renaturalized livelihoods and lifestyles we practice how to yield and say yes to what is of the Spirit.

Four young adults joined the coordination team for Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia along with Peter Watson from Aotearoa/New Zealand, who joined a Peace Team last year. Alternatives to Violence Project workshops continue in Central Java, North Sumatra and Aceh, along with the AVP advanced workshop in trauma healing and developmental play. From Conflict to Peace Building: The Power of Early Childhood Initiatives – Lessons from Around the World, by NIPPA-The Early Years Organization in Northern Ireland and the World Forum Foundation, is a wonderful resource expressing how many people around the world have experienced developmental education as essential to recovering from war and violence. We also invested in fish, rubber and chocolate farming and organic composting to support our long-term, Indonesian coordinators. 

Nadine Hoover spent a few days on the Haverford campus in Philadelphia to speak with young adult Friends, classes and an open discussion forum. She will also be speaking at South Central Yearly Meeting and Oakwood Friends School. Nadine was also able to attend Indonesia Yearly Meeting and Friends World Committee for Consultation’s Asia/West Pacific Section gatherings. She has been invited to the AVP International Gathering and to Australia’s AVP National Gathering and Australia Yearly Meeting. 

Three extended service volunteers are working with SHEEP in Yogyakarta on getting ceramic water filters into production and six others are joining the six-week Peace Team going May 30-July 14, 2011. Jamie Carestio was able to offer practical instruction on organic composting in Aceh. Autumn Star has begun a Sister School program where schools exchange bulletin board presentations of each other’s schools and children in the schools make books to send to each other twice a year. JoEllen del Campo has begun a doll making project to send dolls to Indonesia. 

We created an updated website, no longer under Conscience Studio, and are trying to improve our fundraising efforts to support our expanded work without taking us away from the work we are called to do. Sarah Rozard sent out fundraising packages to each of the members of the Spiritual Companions Working Group. 

We are looking forward to hosting Filipina peace activist Cristina Montiel in the U.S. in August 2011 after she accepts the Outstanding Service Award by the Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict, and Violence: Peace Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association. We are also hoping to host Yunardi Bardo as a visiting artist at Alfred University, so that he can continue to work with Nadine in the fall on illustrating developmental story books. 

We plan to open our first “Peace Place” in Pati, Central Java in June 2011 with Nanik coordinating and after Ririn completes her bachelor’s degree in psychology (Dec 2011), she plans to open a clinic in Medan to continue the work in nonviolence, trauma healing and developmental play. We are translating materials on Friends manner of discernment and business to support these newly forming groups.