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News 25 Nov 2010

Dear Friends,

Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia is only meeting on conference calls every couple months. I’d like to catch you up on some news. Remember all the work is made possible by gifts of time, talent and finances provided by people we encourage and ourselves. Please talk to family and friends about this wonderful people-to-people witness and peace work or consider a fundraising event or two. Every bit counts!

1. The September-October trip to Indonesia I took on my own to do a five-year review of the work we’ve done so far and assess where we might go in the future. Attending Indonesia Yearly Meeting was a highlight, challenging our ability to communicate clearly our Quaker practices within the ecumenical environment within which we like to work.

2. We made great strides at translating “The Friendly Classroom for a Small Planet” manual available from Children’s Creative Response to Conflict (CCRC), the precursor to the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshops.

3. We selected a few schools from the schools we have been supporting for future attention. The Indonesians observed that our best schools are in communities where we had done AVP workshops prior to training the teachers and requested that in the future Developmental Play for Peace training follow AVP workshops.

3. Aotearoa/New Zealand Friends invited me to tour from Christchurch in the South to Auckland in the North meeting with Friends and AVP communities along the way. We stayed at the Quaker Settlement in Whanganui where Peter Watson lives. He has become our Friends Peace Teams-Indonesia coordinator for A/NZ.

4. Haverford College invited me to speak for two days with students and faculty. They have a summer service program to Indonesia. I hope to explore more connections with them for the future. Emily Higgs was a lovely host.

5. A Quaker Initiative to End Torture (QUIT) conference was held at Powell House, Old Chatham, NY October 19-21, led by John Calvi and Chuck Fager.

6.Final edits were made to the Trauma Healing Manual. Chuck Esser has offered to do one final read of the manual and provide feedback. Hopefully this month, I will learn to format the files to submit to Lightning Source, our contracted printer for publication. As soon as that is done a notice of workshops will be announced with the publication announcement.

7. I will be in Philadelphia writing about the practices of community discernment that guide and direct our work in December through early January. I have scheduled massages in Alfred, NY for the week of Jan 10-14, after which I will attend Farmington-Scipio Winter Gathering before going to Cleveland with the Rozards.

8. Sarah and Nick Rozard at that time will be planning a possible extended volunteer commitment in Jogjakarta. Nick hopes to support the development of the water filters and Sarah hopes to work on the business and social aspects of production and distribution. Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia working with the Society for Health, Education, Environment and Peace (SHEEP) are optimistic about the value of this work. Our commitment is to a cheap, portable filter that provide 100 percent clean drinking water. Other available systems are either expensive or only clean a portion. 

9. A Trauma Healing AVP Advanced workshop is confirmed for January 28-30 in Wilmington, DE. John Shufford is organizing this one. You may contact him at:

10. A number of schools requested Alternatives to Violence and Developmental Play for Peace training in February and March, 2011. I would need to equip two of these schools in Aceh–Alue Merah and Matang Neuheun. Five schools in North Sumatra will cover their own equipping costs, but will form a network of schools which will be very supportive to the Tunas Baru School in Barak Induk (former refugee camp). One school in Central Java will cover their own equipping costs and Petrus’s family and friends will be involved (they hope to start a school soon as well). I hope the writing of the spiritual discernment book will be primarily complete and I can turn attention to writing a formal manual for this combination of workshops.

Upcomming Happenings:

I plan to attend the Friends World Committee for Consultation Gathering in Manila, April 1-7. Two Friends from Indonesia Yearly Meeting will hopefully join us and I have begun inquires about possibly two more joining who have worked with Friends Peace Teams in Indonesia. I have written to the three young Friends organizing a Young Friends Gathering, April 7-9, at the end of the full gathering, to ask if I should stay on for some or all of that time. 

I was chosen to be the keynote speaker for South Central Yearly Meeting in Texas, April 22-24, 2011. The theme is “Going Deeper” and the talk is titled “Seeking the Spirit-led Life.” Tom Martin will be my companion for this visit. I will be working with Tom to plan appropriate speaking tour around this event. 

I hope to sneak in a week of massage work the last week of April.

Oakwood Friends School in Poughkeepsie has asked that I speak at 10:30am to their all school gathering on May 6. The public is invited, so if you’re in the area it would be lovely to see you.

A Trauma Healing AVP Advanced workshop is confirmed for May 6-8 at Powell House, Old Chatham, NY.

Friends Peace Teams face-to-face meeting will be held in New Brunswick, NJ May 11-15 with a public potluck and presentation on May 14. Please consider attending and encouraging all your friends to attend the Saturday evening event.

Friends Peace Team to Indonesia June 1 – July 12, 2011 already has young Friends interest. An Indonesian language course will be offered in Jogjakarta and on the internet followed by working visits to some of our schools. If others wish to join us for three to six weeks in Indonesia at this time, they may contact me and we can discuss a good match for them.

New York Yearly Meeting presentations are expected July 20-23 at Silver Bay, NY.

We are exploring the idea of a two-week Conscience Studio at Powell House July 24-August 6. If we get a core group committed, we will offer a compilation of our trainings along with practice in community discernment and studio time to produce expressions of what we are seeking, finding and hoping to share.

Alternatives to Violence Project International Gathering is scheduled for October 1-7 in Guatemala. A gathering of trauma healing workshop facilitators is being considered for September 30.

Hopefully the fall will permit more time for writing, editing and publishing.

In faith,