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News, 10 Aug 2010

Friends Peace Teams to INDONESIA
August 2010
Nadine Hoover, Coordinator

Friends Peace Team to Indonesia

September 07 – October 29, 2010!
To Jakarta, Yogyakarta, North Sumatra and Aceh to:

NEXT Friends Peace Team Trip to Indonesia
MARK YOUR CALENDARS… March 2011 before FWCC Asia/West Pacific Section Meeting 1-7 April in Manila, Philippines

M Dahlan is harvesting bandeng fish and piranha’s this month. We’re praying for a good harvest, that he may repay the first half of his loan for the fish farm.

Alternatives to Violence Project workshops reach isolated villages in the mountains of East Aceh. Five years after a peace accord was signed, just this year foreigners are allowed to travel freely in Aceh. Therefore, we are committed to using our newly restored rights in the hopes of not losing them. Even though these mountain areas of East Aceh were considered too militant and fragmented to accept alternatives to violence, workshops there have been in great demand, particularly thanks to the diligence of M. Dahlan, M’Dian and Kamilia.

Alternatives to Violence Project has also offered to facilitate our first workshop in Jakarta.

Autumn Star is starting her program at Goddard College this fall and hopes to study re-evaluation counseling, trauma healing, developmental play for young children and creative expression in west Philadelphia this fall. She plans to read materials from the National Association of the Education of Young Children with an eye for materials she will take to Wisma Bahasa language program in Jogjakarta next summer to study Indonesian and translate materials for the teachers she met in Idi Rayeuk, Aceh and Barak Induk, North Sumatra.

Ririn is hosting two Friends from Denver, Colorado, John and DeAnne Butterfield in Medan mid-August. She reads English, but she is feeling a lot of trepidation about having to speak English. She will be completing her BA in psychology this coming Spring on a Friends Peace Teams scholarship and opening a Trauma Healing Clinic in Medan after graduation in 2011.

AVP Advanced Trauma Healing workshop, developed with Ririn and other Indonesians, will be offered in the U.S. May 6-8, at Purchase Meetinghouse with Nadine Hoover and Deborah Wood and also May 30 – June 1, 2011 in San Francisco following the AVP-USA conference with Nadine Hoover and Margaret Lechner.

Pamela Haines came across a book entitled, From Conflict to Peace Building: The Power of Early Childhood Initiatives – Lessons from Around the World. The World Forum foundation has a free PDF on the web and a number of places sell the book. It was produced by NIPPA-The Early Years Organization in Northern Ireland and the World Forum Foundation.

SHEEP requested a workshop on Developmental Play with Blocks for teachers, parents and family members. We will assist them, but are interested only as it attracts families in extremist or former war areas. We will be reading and exploring the relationship of the developmental play to community peace building.

Peter Watson, of Aotearoa/New Zealand Yearly Meeting, has raised some funds for wood working equipment, so we hope to work with Budi in Pati to identify what equipment is the most important right now.

Water Filter Research and Development is going strong. Staff at the Society for Health, Education, Environment and Peace (SHEEP) persist in the research. Dr. William Carty, world-renown ceramic engineer, offered his time personally this fall towards the research and development of the water filters in Indonesia. Nick Rozard, formerly Dosch, is working closely with Bill to identify firing windows, markers of firing adequacy and potential efficiencies. Engineers at Alfred University and the staff and potters at SHEEP all concur that they are close to a solution, but the necessary research and development of filters and cultivating of intellectual capital just takes time.

Conscience Studio was established as a formal business to oversee our activities in the U.S. You can see our latest work on the Declaration of Conscientious Objection to Paying for War and two wonderful videos at:

A People’s Declaration of Conscience has been of interest to all our Indonesian friends. SHEEP assisted in translating the U.S. Declaration of Conscience into Indonesian and publishing that with Conscience and Peace Tax International. We are now working together to write a Global People’s Declaration, not constrained by the language of international law, but giving rise to a united peoples’ voice for peoples from around the world.

Indonesia Yearly Meeting will be held September 29 – October 1, 2010 in Jogjakarta. Nadine Hoover will attend with hopefully some of our friends from SHEEP, who also live in Jogjakarta.

New York Yearly Meeting did a five-year review and renewal of Nadine Hoover’s travel minute for her ministry in the U.S. and Indonesia. Autumn Star and Sarah Mandolang were able to join Nadine in a presentation to NYYM, where a number of her spiritual companions were present. We acknowledged how this work comes to life by the attention of all the people who read this, pray for the work, remember the work, talk about the work to friends and family, send donations, provide input and feedback, learn about and carry out activities and so forth. What a very special association! Thank you to all of us!

Messages of Peace Cards
Everyone is invited to write on one side of a 4×6 card:
Date, place, name, age, five words of introduction, and a message about peace:
1.How you commit to, practice or ensure peace; OR
2.What event or work we’ve done to build peace; OR
3.A quote that inspires you to further peace among us.
Please write on one side only; the other side is for translation. Please send cards to Nadine Hoover, 90 West University St., Alfred, NY 14802. We invite the Indonesians to do the same, which are translated to English.

QUIT Conference will be held at Powell House November 19-21, 2010 that Nadine Hoover and Autumn Star have registered for. We are exploring ways our shared concern for ending torture may more explicit in our work.

Peace Brigades International’s team in West Papua evacuated in the last couple weeks. Conditions in Papua appear to be severe. The PBI Indonesia Project may request some degree of assistance in exploring strategies for moving forward to defend human rights workers in West Papua and in negotiating recognition of this work from Indonesian officials. Nadine may provide an unclear amount of support to them in September and October 2010.

Haverford University has inquired as to whether or not Nadine Hoover may be a candidate for their newly established program of Friend in Residence. Emily Higgs, newest member of the Friends Peace Teams Counsel, is the administrator of this program and extended this invitation for February 2011.

Oakwood Friends School requested Nadine Hoover be a speaker at a special annual event for peace on May 13, 2011. This is during our next Friends Peace Teams Face-to-Face gathering in New Brunswick, New Jersey, so that was not possible. It has therefore been scheduled for May 5, 2011 at 10:30 am to prime the pump for their program on the 13th. The public is invited. Deborah Wood will accompany Nadine, who will both return to Purchase Meeting to conduct an AVP Advanced Trauma Healing workshop May 6-8, open to anyone who’s done an AVP basic workshop.

Writing and publishing are absorbing most of Nadine’s time. I’m studying contracts for producing files for Lightning Source, Inc. printers; reformatting the Trauma Healing Manual into InDesign so it can be printed; producing DVD cover art, transcription and disc labels for DVD production of the Conscience videos. This year or more there may be fewer activities, but we are hoping for high-quality documentation of our activities so when more activities resume, there is useful documentation available in both English and Indonesian.

Communication will hopefully improve. Nadine is setting up a riseup listserv for Indonesia Initiative News and Conscience Studio News (pertaining to U.S. based details) to better communicate by email. Javier Morales is working on the website so that the Indonesia Initiative can be divided from the Conscience Studio and the headers will make more sense. Nadine is committing to updating websites at least on a monthly basis so they stay fresher and learning to upload onto the Friends Peace Teams website. Nadine decided to stop resisting technology, learning to do it (this month) and hopefully getting over that hump with more efficient and effective communication habits in the future. (Seeing is believing!)

In faith and love,
Nadine Hoover

P.S. It’s fairly typical Indonesian culture to speak of one’s self in the third person. It’s considered impolite use pronouns when speaking to someone older than yourself, so the use of names as a courtesy is common. Speaking of one’s self in the third person sounds slightly formal and respectful in Indonesian. I hope that comes across in the English as well.