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News 18 Jan 2010

Friends Peace Teams
January 2010
Nadine Hoover, Coordinator

Peace Team January 30 – March 28, 2010!

1. In February, Autumn Star, a young adult, will go with me into areas of Aceh newly opened up since special travel permits are no longer required. We will also visit the pre-schools. The Acehnese have requested training for facilitators for Alternatives to Violence workshops. We hope to be able to translate enough of a T4F training manual that they feel they can train facilitators on their own in the future.

2. We will also check on the two wheelchairs we sent to the refugee camp and Aceh and order more if they work well in those environments when we have the funds.

3. In March, Nick Dosch, who graduated last year with a ceramic material sciences degree will assist the Indonesians in working out difficulties associated with increasing the volume of production while guaranteeing the quality of each filter.

4. Sarah Mandolang, a young adult, will also come in March to assist the refugees in learning to conduct their own trauma healing workshops. She will also organize some family evenings for adults to learn developmental play activities.

5. Peter Watson from Aotearoa/New Zealand Yearly Meeting will also join us in March to work with the woodworkers making children’s blocks and to work with the teachers on creative ideas.

6. Six of the seven teachers on college scholarships completed the equivalent of an AA degree and are now continuing to teach in the Pre-School in Jaring Halus. The seventh teachers is still pursing her degree in psychology.

7. Autumn began a “Messages of Peace Card Ministry.” On 4×6 cards, anyone is invited to share a bit about yourself and about what you know about peace in your life, community and the world. After you have written on a card it will be translated into Indonesian on the opposite side of the card so that we can continue to share our experience, knowledge and practice of peace beyond just our close circles. Therefore, you are asked to please write on a 4×6 card… Date, place, name, age, five-word introduction, and a message about:

  1. One message you have to share with others about how you commit to, practice or ensure peace; OR
  2. What event or work we’ve done that was meaningful to you; OR
  3. A quote that is inspiring to you that would further peace among us.

Please write on one side only; the other side is for translation. You may send it to Nadine Hoover, 90 West University St., Alfred, NY 14802. We will invite the Indonesians to do the same and translate to English.

Please check your email address for me: , although yesterday the FPT server wasn’t connecting, so I’m using my other address, right now until the FPT server is back.

In faith,
Nadine Hoover