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News 27 Oct 2009

Friends Peace Teams
October 2009 Nadine Hoover, Coordinator

1. Peace Team planned for early 2010! We are organizing our trip possibly for January 31 through March 29, 2010. Our goals are to:

Please let people know they should contact me if they would like to be considered for this team trip.

2. Water Filters are in production. Many difficulties have been surmounted: ceramic end-caps have been designed rather than very expensive, custom plastic ones, regular supply of raw materials has been secured, people have made room in their lives to dedicate the massive amount of time and energy it will take to see this through (a retired physician, Pak Pri, has dedicated himself full time to facilitating production), and a kiln has been secured that will be available for firings on a routine basis. Our filters are widely accepted and at this point being copied. Major international aide donors have copied our filter, conducted projects and presented at international conferences with photos of filters identical to ours. When we followed up, however, this came from one project that had produced thirty-two prototypes. They have not even begun thinking about production capacity. SHEEP is in production of filters (190 last month’s report) and is currently working on a quality assurance procedure to ensure every single filter produced will be reliable. SHEEP is looking into concerns about patents. We support open source technology, but are concerned about low-quality copy-cats threatening public trust in the filters. For future insurance, it might be best to patent the technology in Indonesia so if such a case arises there is the possibility of legal recourse. As soon as the quality assurance procedure is in place, we will bring filters to Barak Induk and Aceh to begin assembly and distribution there.

3. Trauma Healing AVP Advanced Lee Norton and I did four trauma treatments with three people in the US and one child in Manila. Lee is setting up a clinic in Manila for children taken off the streets and out of the commercial sex trade. She does treatment for them every Thursday evening over Skype. We then attended the national Trauma First Aide training; the quality was so poor we left after two hours. We were interested in the somatic elements of trauma recovery, which we assume others have developed, but continually find that the actual work behind the talk is not that good. So we spent the weekend working on it ourselves. I am very pleased with the development, but need to stay focused on writing down what we already have before we move on to new development.

4. Writing remains my primary goal. I have made some strides, but will have to put in a lot more hours to get products out, especially publishable ones. It is hard to balance communication, administration and fundraising for the Indonesia Initiative while I’m working full-time at massage and trying to write, but I will persist.

5. Fundraising I am grateful to Jamie Carestio and his family for doing a fundraising dinner that went really well and now putting the Acehnese bags in his mother’s kennel to sell with stories about our work. Hopefully that will generate some donations. Anything you can do to help raise funds for the next trip would be a great help.

6. Sabbatical is going very well. From June through August I took off completely and have taken off most of September and October as well, giving attention to family and friends, cleaning house, tending gardens, resting a lot and sometimes doing nothing. I have let this break go on as long as it was happening. Just recently I have begun to come back to it. So you may hear about more activity.

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In love and faith,
Nadine Hoover