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News 15 May 2009

Friends Peace Teams
May 2009 Nadine Hoover, Coordinator

Spiritual Companions for the Indonesia Initiative are seeking creative ways to build friendships. You are invited to join us in this experimentation.

AVP Advance Trauma Healing workshop in NYC with Val Liveoak (Peacebuilding en las Americas, FPT) and Pamela Haines (clerk of the Indonesia Initiative) and wonderful participants who gave a great deal of insightful feedback. Revisions are underway. We will do a presentation at the western NY Quaker gathering (FSRM) and in Alfred, Andover and Perry City and a mini-workshop at the AVP-USA conference on Long Island in May 2009.

Nadine Hoover will take a “short” trip to Indonesia in July just to do the necessities–visit the schools, check in on the loans, check in on the AVP programs in Bagok, Langsa, and Barak Induk, and so forth. She’ll do a longer trip in Jan-Mar, 2010. Nadine plans to take a bit of a sabbatical from speaking and workshops in the coming school year to do some writing.