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News 16 April 2009

Friends Peace Teams
Indonesia Initiative News
April 2009 Nadine Hoover, Coordinator

1. Aceh sees little violence in the April legislative elections; now we pray for peace through the presidential election in July 2009.
2.Developmental Play Center opened in Barak Induk Refugee Camp. Forty-two young children in the refugee camp are coming to the developmental play center twice a week. The mothers are also playing with their children and say they can see great changes in the way they think, talk and solve problems. They are so excited about the results.

3. Gay Howard was a companion to Nadine Hoover as she spoke to groups in Orange Grove, San Luis Obispo, Berkeley, San Francisco (AFSC), San Jose to visit a couple friends, Santa Rosa (Friends House), and Sacramento. There were around 20 people in most gatherings except in San Francisco, where there were only three. People were grateful to hear that grassroots peace work is active, alive, possible and, in many cases, effective. Two friends have asked to come with me this summer and we raised $1,828.00, but that has been more than doubled since I returned.

4. Trauma Healing Advanced AVP workshop scheduled for April 24-26 in NYC. Anne Wright and Mara Komoska are doing all the organizing for the workshop. Sarah Mandolang, Pamela Haines and Val Liveoak will join Nadine Hoover in facilitating the workshop. The team will provide very useful input to the English version of this workshop and the participants are full or nearly full at this time, so we are looking forward to a great workshop.

5. Mislan, Ririn and Mesta assisted Nadine in facilitating a Trauma Healing Advanced AVP workshop in Barak Induk. A small group of eleven, three from Medan and eight from the refugee camp took the three-day trauma-healing workshop. They all felt they were changed by it, but clearly some had more dramatic reactions than others. One person was able to talk about something that had never spoken to anyone before and was able to cry and cry and cry. This matter of broken trust in the family seemed small, even trivial, but had been more haunting than all the horrific armed conflict faced in the past. Another person stood behind an Empty Chair to pretend he was his loving wife, introducing himself to the group. He said all types of negative things and then said all types of good things and then said, “Wow, I hear her say these things everyday, but I just realized maybe she is right!” From the big to the little insights, lives were changed; wounds healed.

6. Five new Alternatives to Violence facilitators, two women and three men, trained in Pati Central Java where violence is high and churches are being burned. Now Petrus has a team that he can do workshops with. The area of Pati is quite poor, with many parents going as migrant workers into the Middle East. Children are left behind and violence is on the rise. Religious tension has resulted in church burnings. I am so pleased that we have a team in which both men and women are both Christian and Muslim. We are very hopeful that they will be able to do many workshops for key people in their area.

7. Teachers and principals from twelve pre-schools and first grade teachers from twenty-four elementary schools gathered for training in developmental play in Jogjakarta. They were stunned by all the activities and all they learned about children need to feel safe and loved in order to learn and how cognitive development increases safety and security among people. They are planning to send three of their top officers in their Christian educational foundation to Al-Falah to learn from them and to arrange for assistance in hiring and training a brand new preschool staff, a new principal for their elementary school and one lead teacher and a new principal for their junior high school and one lead teacher to establish a demonstration school in Jogjakarta where other teachers and principals may learn about developmental play and project-based, expeditionary learning for young children. They requested that Nadine come back in July, over their summer break, to review their new curriculum and give them guidance.

8. Organization was strengthened to support routine AVP workshops in a fourth location, that Petrus coordinated in Pati, Central Java. We are not providing any funds to them, but we are doing everything we can to ensure that facilitators are trained, encouraged, and supported.

9. We lent funds to long-term AVP volunteers:
$ 750 Fish farm rehabilitation for Dahlan
$ 750 Fish farm rehabilitation for Fachrurrazi
$ 400 Fertilizer, chili seed and pesticides for Darmo and his team of three others
$ 750 Planer for Jufri’s woodworking and to make preschool blocks

Sabarruddin would like to start a wood working shop, but we have not made a loan yet.
We are more skeptical about whether we have the time and energy to look into an arrangement like the Grameen Bank, although that would go a long way in providing equity and economic justice fundamental to peace.

10. The Indonesians have asked for me to come back in July, during their holiday, and some people have expressed interest in coming with me this summer, which I have said would be July 25 – Aug 22, to be able to attend New York Yearly Meeting and be back in time for school, but I’m not sure I can stay for NYYM and it may not apply to the people who end up going, so I may open up the dates to any time in July and August. I still have not made these decisions. Any input?

In faith,