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Request for Teachers April 27 2008

Dear Friends,

Some of you are funding the seven pre-school teachers to go to
college and that is coming due at this time, so you may be committed.
But there is a current opportunity that you might announce to your
meeting or among your friends.

Al-Falah School in Jakarta has offered to give selected preschool
teachers from rural Aceh and North Sumatra an opportunity to join an
excellent two week training in structuring activities to support
early childhood development. They are covering the $450 cost for five
teachers. We are covering the airline tickets and local transport.

The airline tickets and local transport costs about $225.
The training including lodging and food costs $450.

We are sending six teachers right now, but we need the funds this
week. So this is an immediate offer. If anyone is sending in funds
for this, please let me know, so I can make the appropriate plans.