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Indonesian Language Learning

Skype Indonesian Language for beginner Indonesian language learners is an excellent way to start a solid foundation in Indonesian language or just learn a bit to broaden your horizons. Wisma Bahasa in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, offers excellent instructors and flexible scheduling, one-on-one Indonesian language classes over Skype. Read about them

Autumn Star painted with henna by Joey in Idi Rayeuk.


Mislan and Dean learn a game and laugh in North Sumatra.











Members who have taken advantage of this opportunity are:

Autumn Star, Convenor, Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia, who registered with Wisma Bahasa, January 21 – February 21, 2011, for a one-month intensive class, six days a week.

Sharon Hoover, Team Member, Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia 2011, who registered with Wisma Bahasa for Feb 15-Apr 21, 2011 for a 10-week class twice a week.


They would be willing to talk to you about their experience if you would like.