Peace Teams to Asia West Pacific invites people of conscience and faith to:

Join a Traveling Peace Team. Trips are typically planned at the first of each New Year and mid-year. Friends Peace Teams members travel to connect communities in different parts of the world to make friends, not enemies; trading partners, not combatants; peacemakers, not warriors in accord with our consciences and faiths.

Join a Companion Peace Team to support a:

1)    Traveling Member of a Peace Team by testing clearness, supporting leadings, learning from him or her, sharing the story and seeking the donations needed for the work (typically $2,000 per trip plus additional support for activities).

2)    Alternatives to Violence Project Coordinator— such as Dahlan in East Aceh, Mislan and Ririn in North Sumatra or Petrus in Central Java—by reading their reports, emailing ideas and suggestions and participate in raising up to $500 per year for administration and logistics.

3)    Trauma Healing Clinic in Medan, North Sumatra founded by Ririn, Friends Peace Teams’ Scholar, to open in 2012, by by reading their reports, emailing ideas and suggestions and participating in raising up to $500 per year for administration and logistics.

4)    Sister School, by posting pictures of their school, sending pictures of your school, trading a book about you and your schools twice a year and doing a penny drive to support supplies and teacher training.

A Companion Peace Team member donates, reads the news, shares the stories and encourages others to participate.

Donate to Friends Peace Teams, 1001 Park Ave., St. Louis, MO 63104 noting “Asia West Pacific” in the memo line. You may further earmark funds to specific activities within our work.

Practice discernment on your own, start a small discernment group or invite your family, employer or religious body to practice discernment as a way of organizing life and work.

Sign the Declaration of Conscience on the web, encouraging others to study this Declaration, write one in your own language for your own government and pursue citizen’s rights to conscience and faith in Asia West Pacific and the world.

Participate in regular basic, advanced and training for facilitator Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshops, including Trauma Healing advanced workshops.

Share the film Silaturahmi: The Power of Visiting with your group: