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2011 • Extend Service Nicholas Rozard

Nick and Sarah Rozard lived in Yogyakarta to work with SHEEP Indonesia to establish production of the ceramic water filters.  Sarah stayed for several months while Nick remained in Indonesia for one year. The Rozards established the knowledge and professionalism needed to reliably manufacture water filters.

Communities were connected in New York, Ohio, and Indonesia by this work.  The effects of connecting these communities has a profoundly positive impact on peace.  Past work has brought teachers and others from Indonesia to the U.S. as well as many Americans to Indonesia. The stories, experiences, and insight that these interactions bring are hugely positive for each community affected.

The Rozards also worked with SHEEP to better understand the skills and approaches to direct fundraising. Effective fundraising enables work like their Indonesian service and peace work. See the water filter page for more news about their work.

Sarah and Nick Rozard with Pak Andreas and Pak Pri's families

Sarah and Nick Rozard with Pak Andreas and Pak Pri's Families

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