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The Research Continues… With Your Support!

You can see an early sketch of the filter. We spent January 2015 preparing for another big researching push to figure out how to keep the price low while still achieving quality. Wish me luck! -Nick Rozard

The last 5 years working on these water filters have been marked by good news followed by better news! So far we have accomplished many major milestones, including proving that the filter is killing bacteria, and ensuring that the water produced is free of harmful chemicals. We have created two generations of research filter that are both meeting microbiological standards. The first generation was called Alfa, and the second generation is called Beta material. We found ways to easily manufacture both of these materials and keep tight controls on quality. We have also made multiple “bench prototypes” which have taught us about how to make a device that is durable and easy to use. I have also been making great strides maturing as a young professional. This week I’ve been putting on my accounting tophat and learning about the different IRS accounting methods, as well as business tax law.

Currently the bench prototype using Beta material is working extremely well, but it is too expensive. The Alfa generation of material is less expensive, but has other problems. It’s hard to predict research timelines, but my best guess is that for the next six months we will work on refining the material. Then we will take those lessons and create a Gamma material. When we finish, we will have a product that is efficient, easily manufactured, and inexpensive.

The summer of 2014 I worked hard painting and doing home repairs to make enough money to pay for my simple personal life. This left only about 5-10 hours per week to work on the filters. At the end of the summer I realized I did not have enough money saved to allow me to stop making income and just concentrate on the filters. At this time I realized I had not been released to do the water filter work because the need to make enough money to support my family had taken me away from it.

However, the way I’ve structured my life, the Triton Ceramics company is perfectly poised for the next steps on this technology development odyssey. I do not have any work commitments outside of the filters, and I can easily slide into working on them full time. Also, since I don’t have any permanent employees, overhead, or financial commitments that Triton Ceramics needs to meet, the research can continue at its own pace. We don’t need to rush out and start producing filters to pay the bills. Because we are going at the right speed, we can get everything right. It would be very costly to start manufacturing and then run into an issue that takes months to solve, while our people are being paid and everyone is waiting around until a solution is found. It’s like barbecue. The more patient you are, the more time you have to cook those meats into the most juicy and delicious meal. Apologies to my vegetarian readers!

Recently, I have been asking for support from people that I’ve encountered. And with your help we more than met the fundraising goal I had set at $10k! We actually raised $11,052, all of which we will be invested into the research. We’re already putting it to good use, for example we used a significant chunk of the money to pay for research at Alfred University. The equipment with me in the picture is a Scanning Electron Microscope. That machine can look at incredibly tiny things, and it costs around $900,000 to buy one. This machine is informing the water filter research. This incredibly powerful tool and many others are available thanks to you.

Many thanks to the people who have generously donated to this campaign, including: Keith and Suzanne Blackburn, Ted and Debra First, Gay Howard, Alfred Monthly Meeting, John Edminster, Farmington Scipio Regional Meeting’s Conscience and War committee, Evelyn Kennenwood, Daniel and Kathryn Slining-Haynes, Jens and Spee Braun, Charles Mohler, Loraine Hoyt, John Fitzgerald, Thadeus Dziekonski, The Blackburn Family, Mary Way, Mary-Lou Cartledge, Deb Mayes, Jane and Paul Simkin, Lynn and Jenifer Taylor, Tim Cox, Ken and Marty Grundy, Ithaca Monthly Meeting, Petra Doan, Edward Dunlop, Vansantha Amarakoon, Richard Gorycki and Friends Peace Teams.

You can make donations to Alfred Friends Meeting, P.O. Box 773, Alfred NY 14802. Alfred Friends Meeting has decided to support me personally through the next phase.

You can make donations to the water filter work through Friends Peace Teams. Please note: water filters when making your donation in this way. Click here to donate through FPT.

Read more about the water filter work at the Triton Ceramics website.