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Meet the Team: Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Alfred, New York, USA

Nick Rozard returned to his hometown of Alfred, New York after a year of service in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, supported by Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific. Dr. William Carty of Alfred University (AU) welcomed Nick home by offering him a position in his AU lab to support research and development of the ceramic water filters. Nick also continues to meet weekly on Skype with the lab technicians at the Society for Health, Education, Environment and Peace (SHEEP) in Yogyakarta, creating a bridge between SHEEP and AU.

This team brings together the resources and drive it will take to make affordable household drinking water available to poor and isolated people. This is a perfect time to make introductions.

Water filter technicians at SHEEP from left to right: Pak Ari, Pak Nick, Pak Toni, and Bu Rina

Rina is one of the founders of SHEEP. She’s in charge of SHEEP’s water filter project. Toni manages the microbiology and ceramic labs. Nick built the labs at SHEEP with Esther Buckwalter and Kristina Blank, trained the technicians and continues to support the ongoing research and development of water filters. Arie is working on a PhD at University Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta researching silver used in water filters.




Working with SHEEP’s water filter project keeps the work close to the population we hope will use the filters, maintains the focus on bridging the engineering and humanitarian goals of our work, and forces us to recognize the basic capacities that must be transferred in order for people around the work to produce the new technology themselves.


From left: Nick Rozard and Dr. William Carty


From left: Dr. Anthony Wren, Nate Halverson, and Nick Rozard

Dr. Carty is the chair of the ceramics department at AU. He’s a highly-recognized ceramic engineer for his cutting edge research on chemical interactions happening inside ceramics and work on improving the efficiency of ceramics production. Dr. Carty has been working on theory of water filters for many years and is pleased to be collaborating on this development effort. Nick Rozard brings his experience working on water filters in Indonesia, and skills as an engineer, to run the project. Dr. Anthony Wren is a professor of biomaterials, and is contributing his knowledge of microbiology to test the water filters. Nate Halverson is an enthusiastic undergraduate student in Ceramic Engineering at AU. Nate is working on the filter research as part of his senior thesis.



Working with AU gives access to researchers, equipment, and the nurturing environment needed to bring the water filters to life. The Research coming from AU will inform the ongoing work at SHEEP. Together we are a strong, diverse team.