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Water Filter News Article Jan 10th, 2011

Rozard to Produce Ceramic Water Filters in Indonesia

Access to clean water is a human right that many Indonesians do not have. The Society for Health, Education, Environment, and Peace, SHEEP, a national Indonesian disaster relief organization and Nicholas Dosch Rozard, a ceramic engineer from Alfred, NY, are working to solve this problem. The goal is to make affordable, in-home-use water filters, for those with no access to clean drinking water.

At the main SHEEP office in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, Rozard will train local ceramic potters to make the filters. By the end of the one year project the potters will know the technology well enough to do their own trouble shooting, further research and development, and train people in other areas of Indonesia to make the filters. Rozard and SHEEP hope to begin their collaborative efforts in June 2011.

The filter will be vital for both those suffering in their daily life and during times of disaster. In considering the need for the filter Nicholas Rozard commented, “These water filters will reduce the burden of poverty and disaster by delivering safe water in an affordable, small, and reliable product.” Behind the scenes, SHEEP’s investment of thousands of dollars and two years of development on the water filter project as well as Rozard’s background in ceramic engineering are providing the foundation for the upcoming collaboration.

Rozard and SHEEP will use local materials and labor to make the filter extremely cost effective, and therefore accessible to most Indonesians. Ceramic materials vary greatly in different areas so one of the first parts of this project will be to learn the local clay and make it function with the technology. About the work involved Rozard wrote, “It will also take time to build the intellectual capital and working knowledge needed to reliably manufacture filters.” After the filters begin to consistently produce safe drinking water, SHEEP and Rozard will work on manufacturing, distribution, and sales.

In an effort to raise money for the project SHEEP and Rozard are applying for grants and organizing regular educational fundraisers. To become a supporter of the project please make checks out to Friends Peace Teams with the memo line filled out: Rozard. You can send checks to 1001 Park Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63104