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Developing Power of Goodness

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific took the Power of Goodness Global Story Pool under our care to expand the pool by continually adding new stories, which may be selected and translated to other languages and cultures as requested. Many people from many places and backgrounds contributed to this project in many forms. We are pleased to continue this work and make Power of Goodness accessible to all who are interested.

Nadine Hoover works regularly with volunteers in Indonesia as well as Nepal on translating the stories from the Story Pool into Indonesian and Nepali. We are also working to collect new stories from these regions as well.

The stories in the Global Story Pool can be read at

Power of Goodness installed at Alfred University for the MostArts Festival, July 2015

Over the past many months Nadine Hoover has curated a traveling exhibit of the children’s artwork that illustrates stories in the Power of Goodness story pool. It includes 107 original works of art in 100 white ash frames with 25 story panels. This exhibit is now available for loan either as a whole or as one of two smaller shows. If you would like information on renting this show please visit the Power of Goodness website. The Power of Goodness: Chechen Exhibition is a collaboration of Power of Goodness and Peacebuilding UK, produced by Conscience Studio (2015).

The English language edition of the story pool short stories, The Power of Goodness: Art and Stories for a Culture of Peace, was published in July 2016. You can purchase copies directly from us at

Nadine Hoover is available for speaking engagements to discuss the work of Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific and our role with Power of Goodness beginning in March of 2016 and stretching through the summer. If you would like to schedule a speaking engagement please contact Jenna Morales at

If you would like to continue to follow this work email Jenna at and ask to be added to either our email newsletter or our announcements-only lists. You can also follow Power of Goodness on Facebook at and on Twitter @PowerOfGoodness.