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2013 October • Philippines Peace Team

In October of 2013 Friends Peace Teams traveled to the Philippines.

Valerie Joy is singing with the children. They have also recently opened a preschool for the younger children as well.

An exciting group of Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) facilitators shared activities to practice affirmation, communication, cooperation, community building and transforming power:

Valerie showing off the beautiful landscape of the southern Filipino island of Bohol!

We visited Taglibaran, the capital of Bohol, a truly beautiful island. We met with local officials (Barangay) as well as young people busy remediating the coastline, planting trees, giving messages on recycling, and using theatre to get their message across. Other areas of their work were shared, such as early childhood education and health, and there was time to wander on the beautiful beaches, roam the Chocolate Hills and go boating on the rivers!

Valerie and Boni with a local counselor on the beach, what a lovely island!