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US, June 2017 • Young Adult Quaker’s National Gathering at Pendle Hill

Continuing Revolution 2017: Peace
Young Adult Quaker’s National Gathering
5-7 June, 2017 at Pendle Hill, Wallingford, PA

Young adult innovators lead the peace movement through showing different programs and activities from there own places. 
The Continuing Revolution among young adult Quakers is a national

Decorating my peace dove of clay, to then hang in the trees and let the dove ‘fly away’ by the wind and rain. Continuing Revolution 2017: Peace

gathering to plant the seeds of peace. It reached for the possibility of creating peace between enemies within a temporarily real community gathering, deep in the Pendle Hill in Wallingford, PA, USA.
I believe that after experiencing how life would feel, living together in peace, removed from their normal reality at home, young people from entrenched conflict areas would be guided by a more hopeful idea for peace upon their return. I was inspired to see the cultivating of new generations of leaders to transform conflict. Young people have the courage and capacity to change and lead change.

Youth voices in peace building are present everywhere, but sometimes not recognized, although most young peace builders create positive impact with minimal resources. It’s important to provide them with the tools they need to become more effective change markers.

June 2017 Pendle Hill workshop, Participants are drawing core selves

Nadine Hoover and I did an hour and a half session on “The Power of Visiting: Politics of Making Friends, not Enemies.” It was very powerful to see how important self care and understanding of good companionship is for peace, at home and in the world. We offered an interactive experience of building friendship, bound by cooperative agreements, and bolstered by the tools of learning to listen and share hard stories as well as uplifting stories. Nadine also call Quakers to practice their faith, to experience the immense transforming power in life, to trust it and to let it guide and shape our lives and decisions.
During the meal times at lunch and dinner interested groups learned more with an individual who was involved in the work of peace. So Hayley Hathaway shared about the Friends Peace Teams (FPT) and Nadine Hoover and Jamuna Shrestha added about FPT and my purpose of visiting in the U.S.

I learnt how love and respect can create peace, but we have to continue the revolution and support to the young adults. Thank you.

With love and peace,

Jamuna Shrestha


Group photo of Pendle hill participants, June 2017 with Nadine Hoover and Jamuna Shrestha; Participants of continuing revolution 2017, Pendle hill