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US, May 2017 • AVP Liberation Workshop Cambridge Friends Meeting House, MA

AVP Liberation Workshop
Cambridge Friends Meeting House, MA, USA
May 22-24, 2017

The AVP Liberation Workshop was an excellent workshop! I chose not to facilitate, since I had not participated in this workshop before. Facilitators Nadine Hoover, Sarah Mandolang and Tom Martin modeled an incredible variety of strategies, developing an incredible community with all the participants, and learning many ways to work through and reflect on an activity.

It was an amazing learning experience for me. I am enriched. What I liked best is that this experiential Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshop began the first day with inclusive community building, then showed how prejudice operates in daily communication among those people close to us, and then finding transforming power in everyone and every moment. We continued by exploring the dynamics of oppression and internalized oppression, how old hurts create aspirations for privilege, and how to rely on transforming power in the simplicity of direct relationships. The last day explored experimenting with relying on transforming power to guide our decisions and our lives, experiencing the liberty of conscience when act on what we know is right, and then reflecting on the whole workshop and closing.
It was quite hard for me to understand at times, but I could feel how powerful it was. I could really see how in the future, before participating in this kind of workshop, participants should learn trauma recovery and resilience tools first, so we know how to not become overwhelmed by the emotionally hard work of liberation from prejudice and oppression. Thank you.

With love and peace,

Jamuna Shrestha