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US, May 2017 • Jamuna visits at FPT Council Face to Face Meeting

Friends Peace Teams Council Meeting 

Wellesley friends meeting, MA

18-20 May, 2017


I would like thank everyone in Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific for all your financial support for me to visit Bhutanese-Nepali resettled in the U.S. 

The Friends Peace Teams Council Meeting at Wellesley Friends Meeting, MA USA 18-21 May 2017.

I enjoyed sharing with Friends about my experiences of working in Bhutanese refugee camps in the eastern part of Nepal since 1991 until 2014 when Bhutan replaced its GDP with a “Happiness Index” by driving out hundreds of thousands of people who were not ethnically Bhutanese, even though they had lived there for over 100 years. The Bhutanese resettled in the US from 2007 until now spent 20-25 years in refugee camps in Nepal. 

I also shared with Friends about participating in initiating the AVP program in Nepal from 2008. Although it took four years to convince the UN High Commission for Refugees to allow us into the refugee camps, and then only three facilitators for three months, the refugees were so grateful for this transforming experience.

Finally I shared about the earthquake relief FPT-AWP provided to supported cloth and nutrition to newborn babies and their mothers for about 208 families in Gorkha, Ramechhap, Rasuwa and Kavre districts. During the relief work, we worked with organizations at the grassroot level that support the poorest, disadvantaged and marginalized populations like Dalit, Thani, Majhi and landless families etc. FPT-AWP established cooperative relationships with various organizations and children, women

Sharing a potluck dinner with Cynthia Ganung and Jamuna Shrestha.

and schools teachers with almost zero administrative cost. The earthquake struck right when many refugees were apprenticing to become AVP facilitators. Some are grateful to reconnect with AVP in the US. We hope they will continue their apprenticeship.

The Friends Peace Teams Council meeting was a great opportunity to learn about how FPT worked in Asia West Pacific, the African Great Lakes and in the Americas. For such a small group, they have brought great love and respect to many around the world that creates peace and makes peace possible in the world. 



Sharing potluck dinner at Wellesley Friends Meeting, MA USA, 20 May 2017.